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Arkansas Career Pathways

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Career Pathways:  we can help YOU change your family's future.  Call us today at 870-391-3153 or email rmartin@northark.edu or like us on Facebook at "Northark career pathways initiative"

Career Pathways is a program affiliated with North Arkansas College to offer those who qualify (see eligibility) career training and college classes. Career Pathways program may be able to help you overcome barriers that may have kept you from getting the training and education you need:
  • Tuition
  • Child care
  • Transportation
  • Career advising
  • Job search after training

Career Pathways Initiative

  • Get your GED
  • Go to college
  • Get career training
  • Get help to do it !

Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative is a grant funded program for low income parents who desire to improve their employment opportunities through education and/or training.  To be eligible, students must have a child under the age of 21 living in the home with them and receive TEA benefits.

Career Pathways is designed to assist with financial barriers such as tuition, childcare, and transportation.  CPI will also provide academic and personal advising, remediation in preparation for college entrance exams, tutoring, referrals to outside assistance agencies, and coordination with other Northark assistance programs. We also assist with job readiness skills, employability training, Career Readiness Certification preparation, and assistance with job searching, placement, and follow-up. We believe in wrapping our students with total support utilizing all the resources at hand both on campus and in the communities we serve.

Career Pathways Mission

The mission of the Career Pathways Initiative at North Arkansas College is to help low income adults attain the requisite skills needed to earn a marketable education credential that will lead to a high demand self-sustaining career.

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