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 NOCTI Exams

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Credit for NOCTI, North Arkansas College and University of Arkansas
Exams available in online format (opens in separate window)

Students may earn credit in a variety of non-traditional ways.

Only one-third (1/3) of the total number of credit hours for a degree can be credit from Advanced Placement, CLEP, Challenge Test, various examinations, or independent studies .

National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) Examinations

A maximum of twelve (12) credit hours may be granted for the NOCTI Job-Ready Examination and twenty-four (24) hours for the Experienced Worker Examination. Both of these totals are subject to the one-third limit for non-traditional credit in any degree or certificate program. Due to the detailed technical nature of these examinations, individual determination of credit to be granted will be made by an instructor with expertise in the technical area for which credit is to be granted. These recommendations will be reviewed by the appropriate Division Chair and documented in a memorandum of record to the Registrar. Guidelines for granting of credit require a score greater than or equal to the lower of the national or state average for the technical specialty being tested. Additionally, the tested area must align closely with a course offered by North Arkansas College in order for credit to be granted.

Guidelines to Registering:

For Online testing of NOCTI please allow one week.

Call (870) 391-3533 to set up your appointment. Credit card payments over the phone are accepted at the North Arkansas College Business Office.