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Educational Talent Search (ETS)

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Educational Talent Search identifies, prepares and assists individuals ages 12-18 with applying for financial aid and college admission.  Services include mentoring: personal, career and academic counseling; exposure to college campuses; assistance with college entrance exam preparation and financial aid and college admissions applications.  
  Established in 1965.  Higher Education Act of 1965; (P.L. 89-320)
ETS Students

Services Available:

Career Exploration

Career awareness activities to explore students' interests, abilities, and goals as they apply to career choices, and offer opportunities to learn about various career fields.

ACT Prep

ACT preparation sessions on test formats, test-taking strategies, etc.


College planning and selection of an appropriate post-secondary school.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid and scholarship information and assistance in completing the necessary forms to apply for funding.
Other Services:

Program Planning
Study Skills

Year Round Accessibility

Population Served:

Students in Grades 7th-12th
Students whose parents do not have a four year degree
Students who have high academic potential
Students with physical handicaps
Students in need of career guidance and/or counseling
Students who have discontinued their education process and would like to resume their education

ATTENTION: Adults 19+ who would be first generation college students. Gain admission to college and find financial assistance for your education with our Educational Opportunity Center.  ALL SERVICES ARE FREE!

Services include assistance with completing college admission and financial aid applications; guidance on secondary re-entry or entry to a GED program; academic advice; and career counseling. Please visit our Educational Opportunity Center site.