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Magazines and Journals


Many people wonder what the difference is between a magazine and a journal.  You hear the terms and assume they are two terms for the same thing.  Actually, they are two different types of periodicals.  A magazine would be a general read magazine such as Time or Missouri Conservationist.  Magazines have lots of pictures and ads.  The words are easy for the general reader to understand.  A journal, on the other hand, is something like Applied Radiology or Journal of Nursing.  There aren't many pictures or ads, and the pages are usually covered with words written in a more professional language.  The articles are usually longer, and the information contained in these articles is more reliable because they are usually "Peer Reviewed." "Peer Reviewed" means that the author wrote a focused article (i.e. the effects of the sun on a person's skin), and he/she gets other professionals in the subject field to review it and make corrections to it.  This makes the article more reliable.  Many instructors prefer peer-reviewed articles. Click on the link below below to see information on the Northark magazines and journals.
The current list of periodicals can be found on the Portal.

If you have any questions on magazine information, please email Michelle Palmer or call her at 391-3356.