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Community Health Resource Center

   Community Health Resource Center  |  Tobacco Education Programs  | Prevention Resource Center | Circle of Life
 Community Health Resource Center Logo
The Community Health Resource Center (CHRC) helps community members access the resources, programs and services necessary to make informed decisions, improve their quality of life and achieve healthy lifestyles.

Healthy Lifestyles - Using the Conscious Body Method
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 Community Health Programs and Services

NAPHE supports a Community Health Resource Center through which we offer a variety of community health programs and services on a regular basis and upon request.
  • Family Health

  • Senior Health

  • Consumer Health Assistance

  • Healthy Lifestyles Counseling

  • Support and Education Groups

  • Workforce Wellness

  • Prescription Drug Assistance


Open Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Northark Center Campus
303 North Main Street
Suite 101

Please Call (870) 743-CHRC or (888) 625-9930 for more information on any program

E-Mail Us at NAPHE