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Nursing Assistant Training

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Advanced Training for CNA



Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program

This program will prepare you to sit for state certification as a Nursing Assistant in Arkansas.  The curriculum includes assisting residents with dressing, ambulation, feeding, bathing, toileting, perineal and oral care.  It also covers basic range of motion exercises and restorative care. 

The Certified Nursing Assistants work in numerous settings in the health care field, including but not limited to long term care facilities, assisted living facilities, hospitals, clinic, and doctor’s offices.  They work under the supervision of medical staff such as Physicians and Registered Nurses.

 In our area, Certified Nursing Assistants can expect to be paid between $7.25 and $10.50 an hour depending on shift and experience levels.

We offer day and evening classes in Harrison, Arkansas.  Please call NAPHE for more information at 870-391-3141 or 888-625-9930.   

Day classes are usually offered every month beginning on the first Monday of each month.  These classes run for 3 weeks, Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.  This 120 hour class includes lecture, laboratory, and clinical time as well as offering the students 6 college credits through North Arkansas College and CPR certification. 

Our evening class runs for 5 1/2 weeks Monday through Thursday from 5pm to 9pm for a total of 90 hours.  These classes are held every other month.

2013 CNA Class Dates

January 7            -         January 25
February 4          -         February 22
March 4              -         March 22
April 1                 -         April 19
May 6                  -         May 24
June 3                 -         June 21
July 8                  -         July 26
August 5             -         August 23
September 9       -         September 27
October 7            -         October 25
November 4        -         November 22
December 2        -         December 20

January 28          -         March 6
March 25             -         May 11
June 3                 -         July 11
July 8                  -         September 12
October 14          -         November 20

For Information about state certification, re-certification or moving your certification call 1-800-818-8917
Or check out http://www.prometric.com/NurseAide/AR.htm