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Student Support Services

Disability Accommodations at North Arkansas College


What is Student Support Services?

Student Support Services (SSS) is a federally funded project that provides eligible students additional support to graduate or transfer to a four year institution to continue their studies.

North Arkansas College is pleased to have hosted an SSS program since 1977.  In the past thirty years, this program has helped thousands of students reach their goals and now serves 180 students each semester.

Who qualifies for Student Support Services?

You qualify if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and

  • Neither of your parents received a bachelor's degree before you were age 18
  • Or you have a documented disability
  • Or your income is low according to the federal definition of a low income
  • And you have an academic need (low test scores, need to improve grades, repeated courses, etc.)
  • AA, AS, AAS majors

What benefits can Student Support Services provide?

SSS can give you a way to explore yourself and your goals. 
New freshmen often change their majors 2 to 4 times before they graduate, especially if they have not had exposure to a variety of career opportunities.  SSS provides career and academic counseling to help you identify and refine your goals so you can finish your education as efficiently as possible.

SSS can help you explore ways to reach your goals.
Students who continue in school to achieve their goals tend to be those who get involved with other students to form learning communities.  SSS helps students form study and social groups that contribute to their success and in turn give them a chance to contribute to the success of others.

SSS can provide you with extra financial assistance.

Each year SSS awards several monetary scholarships of around $1,100 each to cover the expenses other financial aid has not covered.

SSS can broaden your horizons with campus tours and cultural excursions.
Many freshmen have not had many opportunities, if any, to visit university campuses.   SSS sponsors tours to give SSS participants a firsthand look at area universities.  Often these trips are combined with excursions to see performances of plays and other productions with tickets provided by SSS.

SSS can lend you computer equipment.
For a very small refundable deposit SSS participants may borrow a laptop computer for one week at a time.  In addition, the SSS program has a small computer lab to be used solely by SSS participants.

SSS can help you transfer to a four year university.
If you decide you want to continue your education at a four year university, SSS will help you make the switch by working with the university to arrange the most advantageous credit transfer possible.

How do I get involved and what is required of me?

Get involved
The first step is to determine eligibility.  SSS staff members use admission applications and other records to determine eligibility.

If you believe you might be eligible but have not heard from the SSS office, you may stop by the Advising Center and fill out a Student Support Services intake form.

The program is funded to accept only 180 students at any time; so many eligible students may not be admitted to the program.  Preference is given to AA degree seeking students planning to transfer to a four year institution.

Stay involved
SSS students are required to participate in at least two listed activities each semester.

What SSS students are saying.

"Thanks for the support and time you give the students!"
"SSS is a great program and has helped me with lots of support"
"TRIO is a very good program and helped me out a lot.  The advisor I had was very helpful and helped me with my decision to go on to a university.  I would highly recommend TRIO for someone.  I'm very grateful for a program like TRIO."

Where is the Student Support Services Office?

The Student Support Services staff offices are located in the Learning Commons (M149) on the South Campus.

Who works in the Student Support Services Office?

Kim Brecklein Kim Brecklein

Ms. Brecklein, SSS Director, was also a first generation college student. She pursued her undergraduate education with help from grants, work study, and part-time jobs, then completed her master's degree from Arkansas State University with an assistantship.  She has worked almost her entire career with high risk students.  For fourteen years she taught and performed other professional duties at Tulsa Community College's Resource Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing while occasionally teaching mainstream developmental writing classes.  She joined North Arkansas College's Student Support Services in early 2007

Rose Halliday Rose Halliday

Rose Halliday, Transfer Counselor, joined Student Support Services in July 2008 and has been employed by Northark since 1990. Ms. Halliday was the first member of her family to graduate college. She obtained her associate's degree from Northark when her children were very young so she understands the pressure of being both a parent and a student. In 2005, when her children were older, she obtained her BSE from the University of Arkansas and a MS in College Student Personnel from Arkansas Tech University in 2012.

Carrie Moore Carrie Osborne
Carrie Osborne, SSS Secretary, came to Student Support Services after more than four years at the Educational Opportunity Center, another TRIO program at Northark, Ms. Osborne began at Northark right out of high school, left school, and returned later as a single mother.  Like other SSS staff members, Ms. Osborne was a first generation, nontraditional student.  With her background, she brings empathy and experience to her work.  She has been with SSS since late 2006.

Sandy White Sandy White
Sandy White, Tutor Supervisor/Academic Counselor, joined Student Support Services TRIO Program during the summer of 2013. She obtained her Bachelor of Science degree at the College of the Ozarks, as a work-study student; and, her Master’s degree at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, with the help of a graduate assistantship. Her past work with students includes serving as a Testing Coordinator, tutor, instructor, Parent Educator, and Learning Center Coordinator. She looks forward to the opportunity to serve the North Arkansas College students in their pursuit of their educational goals.   

Interested in Being a Tutor?
SSS is always looking for qualified tutors in all subjects.  To qualify you must have an overall GPA of 2.5 and 3.0 in the area tutored or instructor recommendation AND completion of course or concurrent enrollment with instructor recommendation.

How to Apply to be a SSS Tutor.
Download the application, print it and return it to Sandy White in Room M149 on the South Campus or email to swhite@northark.edu.