College Preparatory Education

Northark has recently redesigned all of its college preparatory classes in order to enable students to complete all of their remediation needs in one semester, accelerating them into college-level courses. Our developmental courses utilize a four-day-a-week block schedule in which students focus only on reading and writing skills, math skills, and college success strategies.

Students are placed in math courses according to their ACT or Compass scores. Either the student is placed at college algebra level (Math ACT of 21 or higher or COMPASS Algebra score of 54 or higher) or must take the redesigned math course.

The math is all minimally-paced and modularized. Students complete math assignments in the classroom with an instructor available for help as well as at home on their own. Math tutoring is available in the Learning Commons.

Students are placed in English and reading courses according to their ACT and Compass scores. Students whose ACT English score is 15 or below or whose Compass English score is 62 or below take a six-hour integrated reading and writing course, Introduction to Language. Students with an ACT English score of 16-18 or a Compass English score of 63-79 are mainstreamed into Comp. I with the aid of a three-hour “help” class titled Fundamentals of Language. Students with an ACT English score of 19 and above or a Compass score of 80 and above take Comp. I.  Students who test into Comp. I based on their writing score but whose reading score is less than 10 ACT or less than 83 Compass must take a two-hour reading course along with Comp. I. Writing tutoring is available in the Learning Commons.

All college preparatory courses utilize common syllabi and provide both pre- and post-tests. They also use a variety of common teaching strategies, including computer-assisted learning (Aplia and MyMathLab), as well as traditional classroom instructional techniques. Students who test into at least two college preparatory classes are required to take College Success Skills.