Circle of Life

A young mother with twin infants and a two-year-old walked everywhere she went because she had no vehicle. She was in an abusive relationship. She had no money to support herself or her children. Her future looked bleak.

Circle of Life changed her life. With help from the program's coordinator, she obtained her driver's license, found a new place to live, earned her Certified Nursing Assistant certificate, got a vehicle and started a job.

Studies show that babies are born to learn and parents are their child’s first and most influential teacher. With that in mind, Circle of Life offers a variety of services to pregnant/parenting teens in Boone, Newton and Carroll counties to empower them to provide a nurturing environment for their children and learn skills for a more productive life. To be eligible, teens must be 18 years old or younger and pregnant or parenting. The child can be no older than two weeks at enrollment, and the mother must be a first-time mom.

  • Assistance in finding and using a “medical home” for preventive and emergency healthcare, completing Medicaid applications, WIC and other needed services
  • Transportation for prenatal and well-baby check-ups and required immunizations
  • Education on child development and positive parenting practices
  • Aid and support for completing high school and working through barriers that hinder school attendance
  • Support identifying realistic goals for higher education and/or employment
  • Help in transitioning to independent living
  • Crisis intervention
  • Support in obtaining childcare, assistance in childcare enrollment and accessing other resources, as needed

The services include group and home visits.

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