Security Report

Timely Warnings Policy

When a crime covered by the Clery Act occurs, campus officials are required to evaluate if there is a serious or ongoing threat to the campus community and determine if a timely warning needs to be issued to all staff and students. The college must provide timely warnings in a way that is likely to reach every member of the campus community. 

Additionally, in the event that a situation arises, either on or off campus, that poses a significant danger to the health or safety of the campus community (e.g. weather, disease outbreak) that constitutes an ongoing or continuing threat, Public Relations will issue a campus-wide “Timely Warning,” which will be distributed through MyNortharkAlerts.  MyNortharkAlerts is Northark’s emergency notification mobile messaging system. Depending on the particular circumstances of the issue, a PA system announcement may notify individuals in buildings on campus.  Other types of communications include: MyNortharkAlerts text and email, message on college website at and posts to social media (Facebook & Twitter).  When the threat no longer exists, Public Relations will send an “All Clear” or similar message to inform the campus community as per the Clery Act.

Each semester, currently enrolled students are automatically entered into the MyNortharkAlerts emergency alert system and can unsubscribe at any time, by replying “stop." Parents and the public may register to receive emergency notifications by clicking the MyNortharkAlerts icon located on the homepage of


Policy for Reporting the Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics

The Director of Security prepares the Annual Disclosure of Crime Statistics report to comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. The document can be found on Northark’s website,

Campus crime, arrest, and referral statistics include those reported to designated campus officials and the Harrison Police Department.

You can obtain a copy of these security reports by contacting the Director of Public Safety.


Reporting a Criminal Offense

Dial 9-911 from any campus telephone or 911 from any cell phone to report a crime. Any suspicious activity or person seen in the parking lots or loitering around vehicles or inside buildings should be reported to the police department. In addition you may report a crime to the following Northark staff:

Sam Martin, Director of Public Safety – 870-391-3559 ,870-715-7553 (cell)

Daniel Cannon, Police Officer – 870-414-3124

Follow up all 9-911 or 911 calls by completing an incident report submitted to the Crisis Management Team (CMT). Incident report forms are available at the front desks on North and South Campuses; please return the form to any of those locations.

Northark encourages anyone who is the victim or witness to any crime to report the incident promptly to the police. Because police reports are public records, Northark cannot hold reports of crime in confidence.


Access to Public Facilities

Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and on weekends, holidays and school closings, general access to Northark facilities will be restricted except for the following:

A. Northark full and part-time employees and board members when in possession of an Employee Identification Card.

B. Guest and/or relatives of Northark employees when accompanied by a Northark employee.

C. Persons attending a scheduled function: the event must have been approved and scheduled by either the Public Relations and Development Office, Community Service Office, or the Athletic Department with notification to the Maintenance Department.

D. Students and friends of Northark with written authorization from a department head, director, dean, or administrator. The authorization must be per visit and include the area and date of access and estimated length of the visit. Under very exceptional circumstances, the written authorization may be valid for multiple visits when signed by an administrator and reflecting an expiration date no longer than one (1) month from the initial date.

Maintenance staff will not open an internal area or office for anyone, including Northark employees, without direct authorization from faculty or management of the particular area or office. When deemed necessary for the protection or safeguard of Northark property, maintenance personnel may ask any individual or group for identification and/or to vacate the facility. Employees are reminded to lock and secure their respective areas at each close of business session. Even during normal hours (6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.), instructors, technicians and supervisors of specific areas or buildings which contain hazardous, sensitive or expensive items should lock and secure their own facilities when they must leave and the area is unattended.


Campus Law Enforcement

North Arkansas College has a Department of Public Safety. The Officers in the department are sworn police officers and have the same powers as any law enforcement officer in the state. The Department of Public Safety members are available to handle any problems you may encounter at Northark in a law enforcement nature or to answer questions you may have pertaining to law enforcement matters. If you become involved in a motor vehicle accident on campus contact the Department of Public Safety and your accident will be handled including reports to send to insurance companies. DPS will also oversee parking on campus and will warning citations, citations, municipal citations, or tow vehicles as appropriate.

Northark has a Campus Safety Team that regularly meets to review policies and procedures. Added security measures such as cameras and monitors have been installed on campus for the safety and communication needs of our employees and students.

All crime victims and witnesses are strongly encouraged to immediately report the crime first to the Department of Public Safety by calling 870-379-3559, or 870-715-7553, 870-414-3124 or in an emergency 911 or 9-911 from any campus phone and then to the Crisis Management Team. Prompt reporting will assure timely warning notices on-campus and timely disclosure of crime statistics.

When a potentially dangerous threat to the Northark community arises, timely reports or warnings will be issued through e-mail announcements, MyNorthark Alerts, announcements on the Northark website and on the electronic message boards near all of the college’s entrances.


Security Awareness Programs

Northark students and employees are informed of security procedures and practices through the employee and student handbooks posted on the college website and through Emergency Procedures information posted in every classroom and department.

Depending on the nature of the emergency situation, the college provides security alerts through a PA system announcement and/or a notice on the college’s website at and on the electronic message boards located at entrances at all three campuses, providing the college community with more immediate notification.


Crime Prevention Programs

Northark does not have specific programs designed to inform students and employees about the prevention of crimes.


Criminal Activity Off Campus

Northark does not have any off-campus student organizations.


Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

The first priority of a victim of sexual assault at Northark should be to get to a place of safety. The second priority should be to seek medical treatment in a timely manner because time may be a critical factor for evidence collection and preservation. An assault should be reported directly to the Department of Public Safety if it occurred on campus or the Harrison Police Department if it happened in the city . (dial 9-911 from any campus phone or 911 from any cell phone); filing a police report will not obligate the victim to prosecute, but it will ensure that the victim will receive necessary medical treatment and tests, provide evidence for prosecution, and assure the victim access to confidential counseling. Northark personnel will assist the victim to notify the police, if requested. Northark does not provide on-campus mental health counseling services, but will refer the victim to an appropriate agency. The Ozark Rape Crisis Center at 870-741-4141 or toll free at 800-818-1189 provides services to victims of sexual assault within Northark’s service area.

In the case of alleged sexual assault involving two Northark students, both the accuser and the accused are entitled to a hearing with the Institutional Standards and Appeals Committee, and each may be accompanied by one person with no formal legal training as a witness to the hearing. Both accuser and accused will be informed of the outcome of the hearing. A student found guilty of sexual assault or date rape regardless of where the crime occurred could be criminally prosecuted in the state courts and may be suspended or expelled from Northark for the first offense.


Sex Offender Registration

Northark provides for its students, faculty, and staff the link to the ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Arkansas Crime Information Center for information about sex offenders in Arkansas in accordance with Arkansas Code Annotated §12-12-901 -- 12-12-920, the Sex Offender Registration Act of 1997. The website can be found at