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Workforce and Economic Development

David Mason
Dean of Workforce Development
(870) 391-3348 (office)
(870) 680-7724 (cell)

The Workforce and Economic Development Department exists to serve our business communities, employers, workers, and job seekers. We are committed to delivering high-quality, relevant, and competitive training, strengthening organizational partnerships, collaborating with workforce industry sectors, improving human potential, increasing occupational opportunity, advancing workforce competitiveness, and enhancing economic growth to produce personal and organizational transformation. The department supports these initiatives by:

  1. Assisting in developing a skilled and capable workforce, improving economic independence, enhancing sustainable employment, fostering competitive wage increases, and providing more significant upward mobility as individuals obtain relevant and applicable industry proficiencies.
  2. Creating long-term, sustainable partnerships with workforce industry sectors, businesses, entrepreneurs, and other community-based organizations to provide innovative workforce programs, services, and solutions that promote job creation, reduce attrition, increase retention, and boost positive employment outcomes.  
  3. Linking education and skill advancement to high-in-demand competencies, generating higher levels of self-sufficiency, efficacy, and productivity that support a practical solutions-based approach to closing the employability skills gap.
  4. Cultivating, advancing, and enriching the lives of our diverse workforce by delivering related, applicable, and comprehensive, high-quality industry training that enables individuals and organizations to enhance their workforce capital and potential.
  5. Training, equipping, and inspiring workers and job seekers for vocational calling, personal fulfillment, lifelong learning, and elevating their career self-efficacy through continuous improvement, upskilling, and reskilling, establishing sustainable careers.
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Courses and Workshops

Northark can help you advance your career and build skills with courses and workshops in a variety of topics.

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FANUC Robotics

Northark was the first FANUC Authorized Satellite Training Center for robotics in the state of Arkansas.

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Customized Training

Northark provides employee training to fit your business's needs. We can help with programs designed for specific training goals.


An apprenticeship involves high-quality mentorship of an art or trade in preparation of a future career. Apprenticeships are designed to benefit both students and employers.

Individuals who complete an apprenticeship earn $300K more over their lifetime than those who do not complete an apprenticeship.92% of apprentices retain employment after completion of their program.

* U.S. Department of Labor


Learn the difference between an apprenticeship and an internship.


Varies but usually at least 1 yeardfgdfgLength of TimeOften a semester or summer
You get paid while you learnmoney iconCompensationUsually unpaid or involves small stipends
Hands on training with experienced mentorstrainer iconJob TrainingGeneral work experience
Can lead to nationally recognized credentialscertifications iconCertificationsUsually doesn't lead to credentials
Leads to college creditcollege credit iconCollege CreditLeads to college credit