Direct Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Deposit FAQs

Why direct deposit?

Besides the obvious environmentally responsible impact, here are some reasons why direct deposit is the best method to receive student refunds:

  1. No waiting in lines!
  2. Convenience, especially if your classes don’t meet on the South Campus or are off campus.
  3. Your refund is always available to you on the published date, regardless of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
  4. If a bank holiday ever occurs on a published refund date, your deposit is made the business day prior.
  5. While not a guarantee, you may have access to your refund earlier than the published date, dependent upon your bank’s procedures.
  6. You never have to worry about checks lost in the mail, due to an incorrect or incomplete address.
  7. If you are ever due a refund of which you are not aware, it will automatically be deposited.
Sounds good, how do I sign up?

You sign up by filling out an online form that is accessible after logging into the Northark Portal. There are two simple ways to locate the form:

        A. Connect->Student Refunds
        B. Connect->Account Info->ACH/Direct Deposit Setup

  1. If it is your first time accessing the form, a temporary PIN is sent to your student email.
  2. After entering it, you will be prompted to create a permanent PIN.
  3. After that, you only need to know the name on the bank account, the account type, bank name, ABA routing number and account number.
  4. After submitting the information, it is stored into a secure file, so the form will be blank if you access it again.
When do I need to be signed up by? Is there a deadline?

The simple answer is to inquire with Student Accounts. However, general guidelines are as follows:

  1. The deadline for the first published refund date of a Fall or Spring is approximately three weeks beforehand and two weeks before each published Summer term date.
  2. The deadline for subsequent Fall and Spring dates is the previous refund date. Fall and Spring refunds follow a two-week schedule throughout the term.
Why so long before?

To allow time for your account information to be tested for viability (aka, pre-noted) as required by Northark’s bank and to allow for sufficient refund processing time, this method has been developed as the best possible practice.

Can’t I just bring you a voided check?

Unfortunately, the only way to sign up for direct deposit for student refunds is via the online form on Portal. However, if you would like assistance, please ensure you have all of the required information listed above, and come to the Student Accounts office. We have a student terminal located in the inner portion of our office (to maintain privacy), and would be happy to help you in any way possible.

I signed up previously; do I have to sign up again?

No, as long as nothing changes, it will never be necessary to sign up again.

I don’t use or have that bank account anymore, but I have a new one. How do I change it?

You simply access the online form again (recall that it will be blank again; this is normal). You’ll need the permanent PIN you selected when accessing the form initially and complete banking information, as listed above. Please note: importing amended information follows the same schedule as detailed above and requires pre-noting before active. Previous information is retained until the amended information is imported.

I forgot my permanent PIN. What do I do now?

No worries! Simply, leave the ACH PIN space blank and click the Validate button (or if you’ve entered it incorrectly). The next page contains a link to have a new temporary PIN sent to your student email. Upon successful entry of that, you will be re-prompted to create a permanent PIN.

I missed the deadline to change my information for my refund on _____; what now?

You’ll need to contact the Student Accounts office. If you are indeed due a refund on that date, the course of action will be:

  1. You’ll need to come to the Student Accounts office to sign an authorization to temporarily suspend direct deposit of your refunds and receive the refund in question by paper check. Please note: paper checks involving financial aid of any kind are not mailed for twenty-one days after the check date, but can be picked up in Student Accounts any time in between with your student ID card or valid driver’s license. Also, please note: authorization to suspend direct deposit of your refunds can be accomplished via Northark student email, if you are unable to come to the Student Accounts office.
  2. Once submitted, the updated information will be imported and tested the next time that process is initiated, as detailed above.
  3. Once successful, direct deposit will once again be activated on your account as the elected method of receiving student refunds.
I signed up for direct deposit previously, but now I’d prefer to receive my refunds via paper check. How do I cancel direct deposit?

Similar to above:

  1. You’ll need to come to the Student Accounts office and sign an authorization to cancel. Please note: authorization to suspend direct deposit of your refunds can be accomplished by email, if you are unable to come to the Student Accounts office.
  2. As long as this is done before the Wednesday prior to the disbursement date, a paper check will be produced for any refund due.
  3. Even if you miss this deadline (i.e. later in the week), it is worthwhile to inform us as soon as possible, as we may still be able to accommodate the request.
  4. Also, if ever you decide again to elect to receive refunds via direct deposit, please follow the same procedure outlined above to change information.
I’m afraid my refund was direct deposited into an inactive account. Please help!

Despite the precautions taken, this has been known to happen. If Northark has already transmitted the direct deposit/ACH file, the following process takes place:

  1. Northark’s bank will attempt the deposit to your bank, also known as the receiving bank.
  2. The receiving bank then has a span of time to respond to that attempt (for example, that the destination account is closed) and return the funds to Northark’s bank.
  3. The turnaround time has historically been approximately a week. As such, a paper check usually cannot be issued until the next scheduled refund date because processing for that date has typically already began by the time the returned deposit posts to Northark’s bank account.
  4. To best serve you, one of the most important things you can do is inform Student Accounts as soon as you realize this might occur so that we are aware and mindful of the potential return.
  5. An additional good course of action is to inform the receiving bank; it is possible they have a more convenient resolution. It is very helpful to keep Student Accounts informed of any updates to the situation, as well.
Anything else to know?

Yes, it should be noted that:

  1. Three times per year, prior to the first published refund date of each term, all banking information on file is pre-noted again to ensure the supplied accounts continue to remain active.
  2. Northark updates all information on file in a timely manner, based on the receiving banks’ responses.