Institutional Policies

1100 Institutional

1110.1 Governance

1140.1 Facility Naming

1140.2 Loitering

1140.3 Parking

1140.4 Freedom of Speech

1150.1 Sex Offenders Registration Policy

1150.2 Children and Minors on Campus

1150.3 Prevention of Violence

1150.4 Possession of Weapons

Contract and Agreement Review

Delegation of Contracting Authority

Technology Acceptance Use Policy

Wireless Access

Solicitation and Fundraising

1100 Academic

Academic Advising

Academic Appointment Periods and Compensation

Academic Assessment

Academic Clemency

Academic Grievance

Academic Integrity

Academic Probation

Attendance at Commencement


Authority of the Faculty

Class Attendance

Classification of Students

Classroom and Full-time Faculty Office Assignments

Concurrent Enrollment Admission Policy

Continuation of Employee Benefits

Copyright and Fair Use within the Classroom

Copyright Ownership

Course Syllabi

Curriculum Changes

Dean's List

Definition of Credit Hour

Degree Requirements

Emergency Medical Procedures

Faculty Absence and Class Cancellation

Faculty Evaluations

Faculty Office Hours

Faculty Qualifications

General Learning Outcomes

Grade Changes Other than Incomplete

Grades and Grading

Program Learning Outcomes

Student Code of Conduct

Student Placement

Withdrawing from/dropping a Class or Classes

1310 Student Policies

1310.1 Admissions

1310.2 Disability Services

1310.3 FERPA/Student Records

1310.4 Golden Age Tuition

1310.5 International Student Admissions

1310.6 Military Student Emergency Mobilization

1310.7 Nondiscrimination/Anti-harrassment/TitleIX

1310.8 Student Transcript

Code of Conduct for Educational Loans

Satisfactory Progress for Title IV Financial Aid

Student Organizations

Return to Title IV Funds

1400 Employee

1410.1 Worker's Compensation Policy

1410.2 Wellness Policy

1410.3 General Benefit Provision

1420.1 Workforce Classification Policy

1420.2 Compensation Policy

1420.3 Fair Labor Standards Act Policy

1420.4 Overtime and Compensatory Time Policy

1430.1 Attendance Policy

1430.2 Standards of Ethical and Professional Conduct Policy

1430.3 Personal Appearance Policy

1430.4 Whistle-Blowers Act Policy

1430.5 Employee Recognition Policy

1430.6 Personal Records Policy

1430.8 Political Activity Policy

1430.9 Employee Grievance Policy

1431.1 Death Acknowledgement Policy

1440.1 Concurrent and Outside Employment Policy

1440.2 Conflict of Interest

1440.3 Employee References Policy

1440.4 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy

1440.5 Employment Restrictions Policy

1440.6 Hiring Policy

1440.7 Volunteer Policy

1440.8 Equal Opportunity Policy

1440.9 Employee Separation

1450.1 FMLA Leave of Absence Policy

1450.2 Non-FMLA Personal Leave of Absence Policy

1460.1 Professional Development Policy

1460.2 Performance Management

1500 Finance

1510 Student Account Policies

1520 Procurement Policies

1520.4 Official Functions

1520.5 Donations of Items and Services to the College

1530 Finance Policies

1530.6 Financial Management of Technical Services

1540 Payroll Policies

1550 Travel Policies

1560 Cash & Investment Policies

1570 Budgeting Policies

1580 Capital Construction Policy

1590 Fraud Prevention Policy