Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff
Name Position Phone Office
Aaron Bueg Adjunct Instructor
Adam Robison Instructor
Alesha Lea Anderson Clinical Instructor
Alex Perez-Mejia Instructor (870) 391-3191
Allison Foust Instructor
Alvin Wipplinger Instructor
Amanda Eastep Accountant II (870) 391-3550 C407
Amanda Gratton Instructor
Amanda Johnson Instructor
Amy Gipson RN Instructor (870) 391-3169 A100A
Amy Roberts Assistant Director of Adult Education (870) 391-3196
Andrew Mallory Instructor
Andrew Venable Instructor
Andy Sinay PT ESL Instructor
Angela Ballard Instructor (870) 391-3544
Angeline Carter Clinical Instructor
Angie Moix CNA and MA Program Director (870) 391-3140 N101B
Anna Edwards Library Specialist (870) 391-4111 L111
AnneJanette Cole Adjunct Instructor
Annette Phillips Part Time ESL Instructor
Annette Robinson Math Sci Agri Asst Prof (870) 391-3320
Anthony Ambrosio Outdoor Power Equipment Instructor (870) 391-3370
Ashley Massengale Career Coach
Ashley Phillips Family Support Worker C303
Ashley Robinson Family Support Worker (870) 391-3506 C303B
Audrey Roe ESL Instructor
Benjamin Kiracofe RN Clinical Instructor (870) 391-3561
Bobby Howard Faculty/Women'sBasketball Coach/Athletic Director (870) 391-3282 G200C
Bobby Little Maintenance Coordinator (870) 391-3124
Brandon Cone Marketing Coordinator (870) 391-3556 M134G
Brenda Lane Database Analyst (870) 391-3275 M149
Brent Long Student Accounts Supervisor (870) 391-3219 M182
Brian Unruh Instructor
Brigette Kampfe Science Instructor (870) 391-3281 S206G
Brittany Harris CPI Academic Advisor (870) 391-3154
Brittney Riff Financial Aid Analyst (870) 391-3267 M186
Brynna Mollahan Studio Art Instructor
Caleb Williams Computer Support Tech (870) 391-3285 M149
Callie Nichols Student Application Specialist (870) 391-3100 M185
Carey Speer Institutional Services Assistant
Carla Jacobs Program Director RN Program (870) 391-3535 M176
Caroline Lester Instructor
Cary Hill Network Technician (870) 391-3337 M149
Cathy Stanley Skilled Trades Supervisor (870) 391-4600
Chad Hathaway Program Manager/Construction Equipment Operations Instructor (870) 391-3192 N501
Chad Johnson Department Chair Social Sciences, Fine Arts & Education (870) 391-3335 M154G
Chandra Huston Web Designer (870) 391-3614 M134H
Chantel Moore Administrative Assistant N21
Charla McDonald Jennings Registrar & Director of Admissions (870) 391-3221 M185
Charlie Duggan Instructor
Chase Lawrence Software Specialist (870) 391-3226 M149
Chastity Norman Administrative Specialist (870) 391-3146 N14
Cherie Conner Director of Adult Ed (870) 391-3517 C201
Cheryl Keymer Department Chair Business & IT (870) 391-3225 B202
Chris Harris Landscape Specialist (870) 391-4601
Chris LaFata Dean Arts Science Business & IT (870) 391-3231 M154N
Chris McNew Trustee
Christian Smith Institutional Services Assistant
Christina Henry Yearick Instructor
Christopher Adams Instructor
Cindy Dollard Full-Time Faculty Art (870) 391-3364
Cindy Jackson EOC Academic Advisor (870) 391-3129
Cole Patton Institutional Service Assistance
Corey R Anderson Instructor
Crystal Earl Community Ed Instructor
Dalton Smith Audio Video Technician (870) 391-3541 M149
Daniel Cannon Police Officer
Danielle Coulson Instructor
Danielle James Faculty/Communications (870) 391-3271 M154B
Danielle Lee Part Time Instructor N21
Danny Ohler Director of Physical Plant (870) 391-3246
David P Zirkle Faculty/Construction Tech (870) 391-3163 N18
David Williams Skills Tradesman
Davina Hefley Program Manager - Northark Technical Center (870) 391-3187 N14
Debbie Johnson Board of Trustees
Debi Arnold Instructor
Deena Dillard Circle of Life Coordinator (870) 391-3506 C303
Deontei Johnson Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Desiree Desjardins TRIO SSS Tutor
Don Tomlinson Trustee
Doug Stowe Instructor
Douglas Gere, Dr. Arts, Soc Sci, Edu Instructor (870) 391-3345 M154D
Douglas Van Meter PT instutional Service Assistant
Dustin Burleson Manufacturing Instructor (870) 391-3371 N104C
Dusty Domino Social Sci Art Educ Asst Prof (870) 391-3311 M100B
Eddie Ragland Campus Police Supervisor (870) 391-3306 B104
Elisha Conner Men's Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach
Emily Akins Success Coach (870) 391-3272
Emily Melton PT ESL Instructor
Eric Guiles Tutor
Erin Lieblong Adjunct Instructor (870) 405-1334 M162
Erin Morgan ETS Administrative Specialist III (870) 391-3209 MS11
Erin Tabor Adjunct English Instructor
Esmeralda Sprinkle Part Time Paraprofessional
Faron Usrey Science Instructor (870) 391-3562
Francisca Schneider Administrative Specialist
Gayla Sparks Instructor
Genie Allen TRIO SSS Tutor (870) 391-3159
Gracie Hicks ETS Academic Advisor (870) 391-3207
Grant Davis Simulation Center Technician (870) 391-3534 A103B
Hadden Barthol Adjunct Instructor
Hayley Hunter Assistant Soccer Coach
Helen R Kling Adjunct Instructor - Art Therapy
Hillary Lacy CNA Instructor
Hyland McDonald EMS Clinical Coordinator
Isabel PiƱa Admin II Workforce (870) 391-3175
Jacki B. Kellum Adjunct Instructor (870) 715-7204
Jackson Murray Director of Employee Resource Center (870) 391-3295 M154M
Jacob D Williams EMS Program Director (870) 391-3125 M167
James Creager Police Officer
Jamie Stevens Student Recruiter (870) 391-3101
Janet L McMurrin Business & IT Asst Prof (870) 391-3126 B203
Jason Berger Datacenter Administrator (870) 391-3349 M149
Jeff Smith HVAC Instructor (870) 391-3382 N203E
Jennifair Ditmanson Practical Nursing Program Director (870) 391-3369 A100B
Jennifer Bixler Accountant (870) 391-3549
Jennifer Boucher Payroll Service Specialist (870) 391-3206
Jennifer Feighert RN Instructor (870) 391-3261 M177
Jennifer Haddock Director of Financial Aid (870) 391-3240 M185A
Jennifer Marshall College Store Director (870) 391-3610 M188
Jennifer Petty Part Time GED Instructor
Jennifer Scott SNAP E&T Coordinator (870) 391-3197
Jennifer Usrey Science Instructor (870) 391-3237 S206E
Jennifer Winkle Concurrent Enrollment Instructor (870) 438-7024 C4 Center
Jesse Manske Director of MLT
Jessica Bajuscak CNA/MA Instructor (870) 391-3138
Jessica Butterfield Assistant Director Financial Aid (870) 391-3294 M185B
Jessica Clanton Instructor
Jessica McDonald PN Instructor (870) 391-3260
Jessica Wright Administrative Specialist III (870) 391-3270 M168
Jessie Sheldon Institutional Service Assistant
Joanna Keys Assistant Registrar (870) 391-3532 M185D
Joe Malesky Instructor
Joelle Gribbon TRIO SSS Tutor
Joetta Adams Administrative Assistant to President (870) 391-3214 M121
Johanna Massengale Instructor
John Gripka Social Sci Art Educ Assoc Prof (870) 391-3265 M154N
John Levy Adjunct Instructor (870) 391-3189 EM2
Jordan Majesty Maintenance Assistant
Jordan R Hunter Business Instructor (870) 391-3519
Josephine Porter SSS Part Time
Joshua Alexander History Instructor (870) 391-3563 M154E
Joshua Dale Adult Education Instructor (870) 391-3313
Josiah Moore Extra Help
Julie Garrett Adult Education Instructor (870) 391-3365
Kaila Davey College Store Office Manager (870) 391-3304 M188B
Kara Arnold Business & IT Asst Prof (870) 391-3315 B211
Kara Kiracofe Food Prep. Manager
Karsten Leigvold Student Housing Coordinator (870) 391-3332 M185
Kass Gal Institutional Services Assistant
Kayla Howard Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Keith Pearman Instructor
Kelly Regan Career Coach
Kelsea Lowery HR Program Representative (870) 391-3353 M125
Kendra Bradford RN Clinical Instructor
Kevin Cheri Trustee
Kevin Parker Automotive Service Instructor (870) 391-3384 N303A
Kim Edwards Athletics Admin G200
Kim McGowan RN Instructor (870) 391-3528
Kimberly K Brooks Instructor
Kris Greening Director of Human Resources (870) 391-3215 M125
Kyle Evatt Region 2 Prevention Provider Program Coordinator (870) 391-4503
Lacee S Brossman Adjunct Instructor (870) 391-3125 M169
Lana Fowler Business and IT Instructor (870) 391-3184 B212
Landra McBee Adjunct Instructor
Laura Berry Interim Dean of Health Professions (870) 391-3280 M122
Linda Pledger Board of Trustees
Linda Tamayo Operations Coordinator Berryville (870) 391-3217
Lindon Newberry Business and IT Instructor (870) 391-3251
Lindsey Booth Agri Program Manager (870) 391-3259
Logan Amos Lab Assistant (870) 391-3298 B301
Luke Feighert Trustee
Luke Horsley Part Time Math Instructor
Lyndell Deckard Construction Equipment Operations Lab Instructor
Mandy Kilbourn Director of Institutional Effectiveness (870) 391-3148 M113
Mandy Moore Manager of Concurrent Programs (870) 391-3531 M185
Margaret Lindsey Instructor
Mark Glorioso Adjunct Instructor
Martha Thompson PN Instructor (870) 391-3180 A100E
Martin Guerra-West Instructor
Mary Thompson Instructor
Matt Cardin, Dr. Vice President of Academic Affairs (870) 391-3316 M183
Matthew Presley Instructor (870) 391-3131
Matthew Sheffield Instructor
Matthew Somers Associate
Maxine O'Brien Institutional Services Supervisor
McKenzie Knighton Lab Assistant
Meagan Akins Instructor
Meagan Hoyt Testing Center Supervisor (870) 391-3533 L111
Mel Klipp Social Science Instructor (870) 391-3342 M154N
Melanie King Assistant Professor Business and IT (870) 391-3183
Melissa Bray CTE Student Success Coordinator (870) 391-3182
Melody Woods RN Faculty (870) 391-3235
Micah Walters PT Institutional Service Assistant
Michael Holley NCCC Automotive Instructor
Michael Mahoney Oral Communication/Drama Instructor (870) 391-3144 M130
Michelle Buchanan Agriculture Instructor (870) 391-3149
Michelle Byler Director EOC (870) 391-3130
Michelle Dees ETS Advisor (870) 391-3134
Michelle Palmer Librarian (870) 391-3356 L103B
Michelle Schmidt Administrative Specialist II (870) 391-3284
Micki Somers Director of Public Relations/ Assistant Director Northark Foundation (870) 391-3242 M134F
Mikayla Hudson ETS Data Specialist (870) 391-3170 C305
MiQuela Brown ETS Academic Advisor (187) 039-13205
Missy Williams Accounting Technician (870) 391-3168 M182
Monica Knight Instructor
Monica Rios Part Time Institutional Services
Monica Speak Fiscal Support Specialist (870) 391-3136
Morgan Clemence Assistant Softball Coach (870) 391-3286 G102
Nancy Kuhlmann CNA Instructor
Nate Light Adjunct Instructor (870) 391-3562
Natosha Beaver Advisor - ETS (870) 391-3133 C305
Nell Bonds Dean of Technical and Outreach Programs (870) 391-3181 C504
Nicole Clark AVP of Finance (870) 391-3218 Main Street
Nicole Shay ETS Academic Advisor
Niger Stice Science Instructor (870) 391-3258 S206G
Nina Price GED Instructor
Oliver Rivera Groundskeeper & Student Recruitment
Pam Freer Director of ETS (870) 391-3210
Pam Henry Board of Trustees
Pam Stone Instructor
Pamela Watkins Program Eligibility Specialist
Patrick Schoenhofer Math Instructor (870) 391-3336 M154F
Patti Straub Administrative Specialist (870) 391-3188 M184
Paul Edmondson Payroll & Business Manager (870) 391-3254 MS23
Paula Melton Business Instructor (870) 391-3128 B213
Pioneer Pete Favorite College Mascot
Pollyanna Hodges Tutor
R.G. Earnest Trustee
Rachel Nelson Director of Student Success (870) 391-3546 M184E
Ralph Gilley Maintenance assistant (870) 391-4602
Randy Scaggs Advisor, Student Services (870) 391-3223 M184
Raymond Martin Assistant Baseball Coach
Rebecca Martin Director of CPI (870) 391-3152 C201
Rebecca Nicola Faculty/Clinical Coordinator Radiology (870) 391-3174 M111-B
Rebecca Sweatman Family Support Worker
Regina Foushee Instructor
Rhonda Thomas Instructor
Richard Criger EOC Academic Advisor (870) 391-3105 C207
Richard Newberry Adjunct Instructor
Richard Stipe Vice President Finance & Administration (870) 391-3216 Main Street
Rick Massengale President (870) 391-3212
Rick Williams Business and IT Instructor (870) 391-3233 B204
Ricky Moore Mailroom Specialist (870) 391-3123 Maintenance Shop
Rita Rogers Administrative Specialist
Rodney Arnold, Dr. VP - Institutional Advancement (870) 391-3229 C501
Roger Hattaway Automation and Systems Integration Instructor (870) 391-3375
Rose Sims Director of TRIO/SSS Program (870) 391-3314 185C
Ryan Hoffman Director of IT Services (870) 391-3289 M149
Sam Martin Director of Campus Police (870) 391-3305 B104A
Sara Smith Administrative Analyst (870) 391-3199 M183
Sarah Bing Director of Employee Resource Center (870) 391-3312 L103
Sarah Newman Trustee
Savannah Cartmell PT ESL Instructor
Savannah Rosner Recruiter Specialist (870) 391-3102
Schan Weisman Criminal Justice Instructor (870) 391-3545
Scott Kernodle Director of Surgical Technology (870) 391-3269
Scott Miller Trustee
Sean Milliken Administrative Assistant
Seychelle Mahoney Softball Coach (870) 391-3286 G102
Shane Andrews Instructor (870) 391-3202
Shari Holt Purchasing Officer (870) 391-3290 C406
Sharla Hellen Learning Resource Center Director (870) 391-3560 L103A
Shaylin French Grill Staff
Sheila Tavares Bookstore Clerk M188
Shelle Patterson Math Instructor (870) 391-3301 M154D
Shelley Dirst English Instructor (870) 391-3527
Shelly Mencacci Associate Vice President Workforce and Career Initiatives (870) 391-3348
Sherri Hinrichs Full-Time NAPHE Administrator (870) 391-4508
Sherri Townsend Science Instructor (870) 391-3279 S206C
Sherrie Ray-Trevino Instructor
Sherry Andrews GED Test Administrator
Sherry Gibbany Medical Laboratory Technology Program Director (870) 391-3288 A110A
Sherry Jennings Math Instructor (870) 391-3264 M134D
Sherry Viter Instructor
Shilo Evans PT GED Instructor
Spree N Ragland Instructor
Stacee Nuckolls SNAP E&T Coordinator
Stacey McMullen MLT Workforce Assistant NARMC M125
Stacey Sokol ETS Academic Advisor
Stacie M Folks Instructor
Steve Stanley Welding Technology Instructor (870) 391-3383
Steven Block Collision Repair Instructor (870) 391-3372 N304A
Steven Hunter Adjunct Instructor
Suzanne Buhr Purchasing Technician (870) 391-3166
Suzanne Woods Program Director of Rad Tech (870) 391-3319 M111-B
Tammye Stahler Education Program Coordinator (870) 391-3346 M129
Tara Smith Administrative Specialist (870) 391-3194 N11
Tavonda Brown Vice President Student Affairs (870) 391-3331 M184C
Taylor Bridges College Grill Assistant
Teresa Paul Instructor
Thomas R Wood Instructor (870) 391-3189
Tim Coone English Department Chair (870) 391-3224 M129A
Tom Flynn Instructor
Tracy Whitaker Police Officer
Travis Harris Institutional Services Supervisor
Tyler Gates Grill Staff
Valerie Brewer Advisor/SSS (870) 391-3296 M185B
Valerie Knight Tutor
Valerie Martin Department Chair Math, Science & Agriculture (870) 391-3327 M134E
Vi Sims HESC Director (870) 391-3127 M176
Vickie Ply Instructor
William Buhr Maintenance Supervisor (870) 391-3121
Witt Salley Adjunct Faculty English
Zachary Guiles College Store Clerk
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