Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff
Name Position Phone Office
Aaron Bueg Adjunct Instructor
Adam Robison Instructor
Alesha Lea Anderson Clinical Instructor
Alex Perez-Mejia Instructor (870) 391-3191
Alexi Diaz Worker
Allison Foust Instructor
Alvin Wipplinger Instructor
Amanda Eastep Accountant II (870) 391-3550 C407
Amanda Gratton Instructor
Amanda Johnson Instructor
Amy Gipson RN Instructor (870) 391-3169 A100A
Amy Roberts Assistant Director of Adult Education
Andrew Mallory Instructor
Andrew Venable Instructor
Andy Sinay PT ESL Instructor
Angela Ballard Instructor
Angeline Carter Clinical Instructor
Angie Moix CNA and MA Program Director (870) 391-3140 N101B
Anna Edwards Library Specialist (870) 391-3368 L111
AnneJanette Cole Adjunct Instructor
Annette Phillips Part Time ESL Instructor
Annette Robinson Math Sci Agri Asst Prof (870) 391-3320
Anthony Ambrosio Outdoor Power Equipment Instructor
Ashley Massengale Career Coach
Ashley Phillips Family Support Worker C303
Ashley Robinson Family Support Worker (870) 391-3506 C303B
Audrey Roe ESL Instructor
Benjamin Kiracofe RN Clinical Instructor (870) 391-3561
Bobby Howard Faculty/Women'sBasketball Coach/Athletic Director (870) 391-3282 G200C
Bobby Little Maintenance Coordinator (870) 391-3124
Brandon Cone Marketing Coordinator (870) 391-3556 M134G
Brenda Lane Database Analyst (870) 391-3275 M149
Brent Long Student Accounts Supervisor (870) 391-3219 M182
Brian Unruh Instructor
Brigette Kampfe Science Instructor (870) 391-3281 S206G
Brittany Harris CPI Academic Advisor (870) 391-3154
Brittney Riff Financial Aid Analyst (870) 391-3267 M186
Brynna Mollahan Studio Art Instructor
Caitlin Fenton Institutional Services Assistant
Caleb Williams Computer Support Tech (870) 391-3285 M149
Callie Nichols Student Application Specialist (870) 397-3100 M185
Carey Speer Institutional Services Assistant
Carla Jacobs Program Director RN Program (870) 391-3535 M176
Cary Hill Network Technician (870) 391-3337 M149
Cathy Stanley Skilled Trades Supervisor (870) 391-4600
Chad Hathaway Program Manager/Construction Equipment Operations Instructor (870) 391-3192 N501
Chad Johnson Department Chair Social Sciences, Fine Arts & Education (870) 391-3335 M154G
Chandra Huston Web Designer (870) 391-3614 M134H
Chantel Moore Administrative Assistant N21
Charla McDonald Jennings Registrar & Director of Admissions (870) 391-3221 M185
Charlie Duggan Instructor
Chase Lawrence Software Specialist (870) 391-3226 M149
Chastity Norman Administrative Specialist (870) 391-3146 N14
Cherie Conner Director of Adult Ed (870) 391-3517 C201
Cheryl Keymer Department Chair Business & IT (870) 391-3225 B202
Chris Harris Landscape Specialist (870) 391-4601
Chris LaFata Dean Arts Science Business & IT (870) 391-3231 M154N
Chris McNew Trustee
Christian Smith Institutional Services Assistant
Christina Henry Yearick Instructor
Christopher Adams Instructor
Cindy Dollard Full-Time Faculty Art
Cindy Jackson EOC Academic Advisor
Cole Patton Institutional Service Assistance
Corey R Anderson Instructor
Crystal Earl Community Ed Instructor
Dalton Smith Audio Video Technician M149
Daniel Cannon Police Officer
Danielle Coulson Instructor
Danielle James Faculty/Communications (870) 391-3271 M154B
Danielle Lee Part Time Instructor N21
Danny Ohler Director of Physical Plant (870) 391-3246
David P Zirkle Faculty/Construction Tech (870) 391-3163 N18
David Williams Skills Tradesman
Davina Hefley Program Manager - Northark Technical Center (870) 391-3187 N14
Deanna Campbell Adjunct Instructor
Debbie Johnson Board of Trustees
Deena Dillard Circle of Life Coordinator (870) 391-3506 C303
Deontei Johnson Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Desiree Desjardins TRIO SSS Tutor
Don Tomlinson Trustee
Doug Stowe Instructor
Douglas Gere, Dr. Arts, Soc Sci, Edu Instructor (870) 391-3345 M154D
Dustin Burleson Manufacturing Instructor (870) 391-3371 N104C
Dusty Domino Social Sci Art Educ Asst Prof (870) 391-3311 M100B
Eddie Ragland Campus Police Supervisor (870) 391-3306 B104
Elisha Conner Men's Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach
Emily Bolton TANF Career Coach
Emily Melton PT ESL Instructor
Eric Guiles Tutor
Erica Amos College Grill Assistant
Erin Lieblong Adjunct Instructor (870) 405-1334 M162
Erin Morgan ETS Administrative Specialist III (870) 391-3209 MS11
Erin Tabor Adjunct English Instructor
Esmeralda Sprinkle Part Time Paraprofessional
Faron Usrey Science Instructor (870) 391-3562
Francisca Schneider Administrative Specialist
Genie Allen TRIO SSS Tutor
Gracie Hicks ETS Academic Advisor (870) 391-3207
Grant Davis Simulation Center Technician (870) 391-3534 A103B
Hadden Barthol Adjunct Instructor
Hayley Hunter Assistant Soccer Coach
Helen R Kling Adjunct Instructor - Art Therapy
Hillary Lacy CNA Instructor
Hyland McDonald EMS Clinical Coordinator
Isabel PiƱa Admin II Workforce
Jacki B. Kellum Adjunct Instructor (870) 715-7204
Jackson Murray Director of Employee Resource Center (870) 391-3295 M154M
Jacob D Williams EMS Program Director (870) 391-3125 M167
James Creager Police Officer
Jamie Stevens Student Recruiter (870) 391-3101
Janet L McMurrin Business & IT Asst Prof (870) 391-3126 B203
Jason Berger Datacenter Administrator (870) 391-3349 M149
Jeff Smith HVAC Instructor (870) 391-3382 N203E
Jennifair Ditmanson Practical Nursing Program Director (870) 391-3369 A100B
Jennifer Boucher Payroll Service Specialist (870) 391-3206
Jennifer Feighert RN Instructor (870) 391-3261 M177
Jennifer Haddock Director of Financial Aid (870) 391-3240 M185A
Jennifer Marshall College Store Director (870) 391-3610 M188
Jennifer Petty Part Time GED Instructor
Jennifer Scott SNAP E&T Coordinator (870) 391-3197
Jennifer Usrey Science Instructor (870) 391-3237 S206E
Jennifer Winkle Concurrent Enrollment Instructor (870) 438-7024 C4 Center
Jesse Manske Director of MLT
Jessica Bajuscak CNA/MA Instructor (870) 391-3138
Jessica Butterfield Assistant Director Financial Aid (870) 391-3294 M185B
Jessica Clanton Instructor
Jessica McDonald PN Instructor (870) 391-3260
Jessica Wright Administrative Specialist III M168
Jessie Sheldon Institutional Service Assistant
Jim D Yanik Adjunct Instructor (870) 680-7724 B214
Joanna Keys Assistant Registrar (870) 391-3532 M185D
Jodie Villines Family Support Worker
Joe Malesky Instructor
Joelle Gribbon TRIO SSS Tutor
Joetta Adams Administrative Assistant to President (870) 391-3214 M121
Johanna Massengale Instructor
John Graves Full-Time Faculty/ Director Surg Tech (870) 391-3269 A108A
John Gripka Social Sci Art Educ Assoc Prof (870) 391-3265 M154N
John Levy Adjunct Instructor (870) 391-3189 EM2
Jordan R Hunter Business Instructor
Josephine Porter SSS Part Time
Joshua Alexander History Instructor (870) 391-3563 M154E
Joshua Dale Adult Education Instructor
Julie Garrett Adult Education Instructor (870) 391-3365
Kaila Davey College Store Office Manager (870) 391-3304 M188B
Kara Arnold Business & IT Asst Prof (870) 391-3315 B211
Kara Kiracofe Food Prep. Manager
Karsten Leigvold Student Housing Coordinator (870) 391-3332 M185
Kass Gal Institutional Services Assistant
Katrina Annette Johnson Instructor
Kayla Howard Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Kelley Light DFC Coordinator
Kelly Regan Career Coach
Kelsea Lowery HR Program Representative (870) 391-3353 M125
Kendra Bradford RN Clinical Instructor
Kevin Cheri Trustee
Kevin J Kaeser Instructor
Kevin Parker Automotive Service Instructor (870) 391-3384 N303A
Kim Edwards Athletics Admin G200
Kim McGowan RN Instructor (870) 391-3528
Kimberly K Brooks Instructor
Kris Greening Director of Human Resources (870) 391-3215 M125
Kristi Patterson Student Account Specialist (870) 391-3357
Kyle Evatt Region 2 Prevention Provider Program Coordinator (870) 391-3176
Lacee S Brossman Adjunct Instructor (870) 391-3125 M169
Lana Fowler Business and IT Instructor (870) 391-3184 B212
Laura Berry Interim Dean of Health Professions (870) 391-3280 M122
Linda Pledger Board of Trustees
Linda Tamayo Operations Coordinator Berryville (870) 391-3217
Lindon Newberry Business and IT Instructor (870) 391-3251
Lindsey Booth Agri Program Manager
Logan Amos Lab Assistant (870) 391-3298 B301
Logan Cole North College Grill Assistant
Luke Feighert Trustee
Luke Horsley Part Time Math Instructor
Lyndell Deckard Construction Equipment Operations Lab Instructor
Mandy Kilbourn Director of Institutional Effectiveness (870) 391-3148 M113
Mandy Moore Manager of Concurrent Programs (870) 391-3531 M185
Margaret Lindsey Instructor
Mark Glorioso Adjunct Instructor
Martha Thompson PN Instructor (870) 391-3180 A100E
Martin Guerra-West Instructor
Mary Thompson Instructor
Matt Cardin, Dr. Vice President of Academic Affairs (870) 391-3316 M183
Matthew Presley Instructor
Matthew Sheffield Instructor
Maxine O'Brien Institutional Services Supervisor
McKenzie Knighton Lab Assistant
Meagan Akins Instructor
Meagan Hoyt Testing Center Supervisor (870) 391-3533 L111
Mel Klipp Social Science Instructor (870) 391-3342 M154N
Melanie King Assistant Professor Business and IT (870) 391-3183
Melissa Bray CTE Student Success Coordinator (870) 391-3182
Melody Woods RN Faculty
Micah Walters PT Institutional Service Assistant
Michael Holley NCCC Automotive Instructor
Michael Mahoney Oral Communication/Drama Instructor (870) 391-3144 M130
Michelle Buchanan Agriculture Instructor (870) 391-3149
Michelle Byler Director EOC (870) 391-3130
Michelle Dees ETS Advisor
Michelle Palmer Librarian (870) 391-3356 L103B
Michelle Schmidt Administrative Specialist II
Micki Somers Director of Public Relations/ Assistant Director Northark Foundation (870) 391-3242 M134F
Mikayla Hudson ETS Data Specialist (870) 391-3170 C305
MiQuela Brown ETS Academic Advisor (187) 039-13205
Missy Williams Accounting Technician (870) 391-3168 M182
Monica Knight Instructor
Monica Rios Part Time Institutional Services
Monica Speak Fiscal Support Specialist
Morgan Clemence Assistant Softball Coach (870) 391-3286 G102
Nancy Kuhlmann CNA Instructor
Nate Light Adjunct Instructor (870) 391-3562
Natosha Beaver Advisor - ETS (870) 391-3133 C305
Nell Bonds Dean of Technical and Outreach Programs (870) 391-3181 C504
Nicole Clark AVP of Finance (870) 391-3218 Main Street
Nicole Shay ETS Academic Advisor
Niger Stice Science Instructor (870) 391-3258 S206G
Oliver Rivera Groundskeeper & Student Recruitment
Pam Freer Director of ETS (870) 391-3210
Pam Henry Board of Trustees
Pam Leal Instructor M176
Pam Stone Instructor
Pamela Watkins Program Eligibility Specialist
Patrick Schoenhofer Math Instructor (870) 391-3336 M154F
Patti Straub Administrative Specialist (870) 391-3188 M184
Paul Edmondson Payroll & Business Manager (870) 391-3254 MS23
Paula Melton Business Instructor (870) 391-3128 B213
Phillip Baker Math Instructor
Pioneer Pete Favorite College Mascot
Pollyanna Hodges Tutor
R.G. Earnest Trustee
Rachel Nelson Director of Student Success (870) 391-3546 M184E
Ralph Gilley Maintenance assistant (870) 391-4602
Randy Scaggs Advisor, Student Services (870) 391-3223 M184
Rayetta Eaton CNA Instructor
Raymond Martin Assistant Baseball Coach
Rebecca Martin Director of CPI (870) 391-3152 C201
Rebecca Nicola Faculty/Clinical Coordinator Radiology (870) 391-3174 M111-B
Rebecca Sweatman Family Support Worker
Reggie Vargas English Instructor (870) 391-3317 M109
Regina Foushee Instructor
Renee Patrick-Tharp Administrative Specialist II (870) 391-3524
Rhonda Thomas Instructor
Richard Criger EOC Academic Advisor (870) 391-3105 C207
Richard Newberry Adjunct Instructor
Richard Stipe Vice President Finance & Administration (870) 391-3216 Main Street
Rick Massengale President (870) 391-3212
Rick Williams Business and IT Instructor (870) 391-3233 B204
Ricky Moore Mailroom Specialist (870) 391-3123 Maintenance Shop
Rita Rogers Administrative Specialist
Robert Lawrence Maintenance Assistant
Rodney Arnold, Dr. VP - Institutional Advancement (870) 391-3229 C501
Roger Hattaway Automation and Systems Integration Instructor (870) 391-3375
Rose Sims Director of TRIO/SSS Program (870) 391-3314 185C
Ryan Hoffman Director of IT Services (870) 391-3289 M149
Sam Martin Director of Campus Police (870) 391-3305 B104A
Sara Smith Administrative Analyst (870) 391-3199 M183
Sarah Bing Director of Employee Resource Center (870) 391-3312 L103
Sarah Newman Trustee
Savannah Cartmell PT ESL Instructor
Savannah Rosner Recruiter Specialist (870) 391-3102
Schan Weisman Criminal Justice Instructor (870) 391-3545
Scott Kernodle Director of Surgical Technology
Scott Miller Trustee
Sean Milliken Administrative Assistant
Seychelle Mahoney Softball Coach (870) 391-3286 G102
Shane Andrews Instructor
Shari Holt Purchasing Officer (870) 391-3290 C406
Sharla Hellen Learning Resource Center Director (870) 391-3560 L103A
Shaylin French Grill Staff
Sheila Tavares Bookstore Clerk M188
Shelle Patterson Math Instructor (870) 391-3301 M154D
Shelley Dirst English Instructor (870) 391-3527
Shelly Mencacci Associate Vice President Workforce and Career Initiatives (870) 391-3348
Sherri Hinrichs Full-Time NAPHE Administrator
Sherri Townsend Science Instructor (870) 391-3279 S206C
Sherrie Ray-Trevino Instructor
Sherry Andrews GED Test Administrator
Sherry Gibbany Medical Laboratory Technology Program Director (870) 391-3288 A110A
Sherry Jennings Math Instructor (870) 391-3264 M134D
Shilo Evans PT GED Instructor
Skyla Ventris Institutional Services Assistant
Spree N Ragland Instructor
Stacee Nuckolls SNAP E&T Coordinator
Stacey McMullen MLT Workforce Assistant NARMC M125
Stacey Sokol ETS Academic Advisor
Stacie M Folks Instructor
Steve Stanley Welding Technology Instructor (870) 391-3383
Steven Block Collision Repair Instructor (870) 391-3372 N304A
Steven Hunter Adjunct Instructor
Suzanne Buhr Purchasing Technician (870) 391-3166
Suzanne Woods Program Director of Rad Tech (870) 391-3319 M111-B
Tammye Stahler Education Program Coordinator (870) 391-3346 M129
Tara Smith Administrative Specialist (870) 391-3194 N11
Tavonda Brown Vice President Student Affairs (870) 391-3331 M184C
Taylor Bridges College Grill Assistant
Taylor Whillock Advisor (870) 391-3204 M184B
Teresa Paul Instructor
Thomas R Wood Instructor (870) 391-3189
Tim Coone English Department Chair (870) 391-3224 M129A
Tracy Whitaker Police Officer
Travis Harris Institutional Services Supervisor
Tyler Gates Grill Staff
Valerie Brewer Advisor/SSS (870) 391-3296 M185B
Valerie Knight Tutor
Valerie Martin Department Chair Math, Science & Agriculture (870) 391-3327 M134E
Vi Sims HESC Director (870) 391-3127 M176
Vickie Ply Instructor
William Buhr Maintenance Supervisor (870) 391-3121
Witt Salley Adjunct Faculty English
Zachary Guiles College Store Clerk
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