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The Truck Driving Certificate of Proficiency provides students the knowledge and skills training to successfully complete requirements for the Arkansas Class A Commercial Driving License (CDL). The program is five weeks of classroom time and 10 weeks of an internship swith the company of a student's choice. Students must maintain a 75-percent average for all portions of the course. Overall program objectives are:

  • To train drivers to be competent in the safe operation of a truck for hire or in private business.
  • To teach students federal, state, and local laws relating to safe operation of commercial trucks
  • To teach students portions of the Interstate Commerce Act that pertain to the truck driving profession
  • To train students in all non-driving activities required by the trucking industry
  • To teach students the importance of employee-employer relationships relating to job security and customer service.

Prerequisites: Prior to enrolling in the Truck Driving Program, applicants must be at least 18 years old to qualify for an intrastate (within the state of Arkansas) CDL or 21 years old to qualify for an interstate (able to cross state lines) CDL. Additionally, applicants must have a valid Arkansas Driver's License, satisfactory Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) record check and have passed the Department of Transportation (DOT) drug-screening test and physical exam prior to being accepted into the program. This Certificate may be used as one of the technical disciplines required for the AAS in General Technology.


Approximate Program Cost

In-County Tuition - $1,568

Out-of-County Tuition - $1,968

Contiguous Counties - $2,368

Out-of-state Tuition - $3,088

Program Fee - $1,800

Department of Transportation Physical and Drug Screen - $130 to $150

Permit - $50

Books - $217


Courses and Requirements Truck Driving Certificate of Proficiency Academic Plan


Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate both cognitive and manipulative knowledge of the control systems while operating a tractor-trailer.
  • Demonstrate the steps necessary for a pre-trip inspection, brake test and in-cab inspection.
  • Demonstrate how to properly upshift and downshift 10 speed transmissions.
  • Demonstrate how to consistently back a tractor-trailer unit safety and properly.
  • Correctly maintain a driver log book read maps, understand Federal and State (DOT) Depart of Transportation laws and (CSA) Compliance, Safety, Accountability scores.


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Truck Driving Certificate of Proficiency


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