Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

crime scene tape

Program Duration

2 years (Four Semesters)

Program Type

Associate of Science

Median Arkansas Salary

$38,500 criminal investigator; $32,880 police officer (Career Information)

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Why Choose This Program

Students get to investigate a mock crime scene, complete with actors playing the parts of witnesses, suspects, reporters and family members.


About The Program

Any student who plans to have a career in the fields of probation, corrections or law enforcement needs to have a strong understanding of the criminal justice system and this 60-hour associate of science program provides just that. Students will learn about juvenile delinquency, corrections, investigations, evidence and more.

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Northark is affordable! We offer nearly $500,000 annually through institutional and foundation scholarships in addition to federal and state aid. See our scholarships and other financial aid programs.

Transfer or Stackable Options

This is a transfer degree for students who plan to major in a criminal justice related field. North Arkansas College has agreements with many four-year institutions to offer students a seamless option for transfer into the bachelor’s degree program in criminology.

Faculty Contact

Schan Weisman
Criminal Justice Instructor
(870) 391-3545

Learning Outcomes

  • An understanding of how the criminal justice system and its agencies operate together as a system
  • An understanding of how this system is designed to bring about social justice
  • An understanding of the various theoretical frameworks that explain the definition, causes and consequences of crime
  • An understanding of proper standards of conduct regarding investigation, collection of evidence and procedural processes.