Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning/ Refrigeration Technology

HVAC students checking unit levels

Program Duration

1 year (Three Semesters)

Program Type

Technical Certificate

North Arkansas Salary Range

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About The Program

HVAC/R or Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration Technology is a process of Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, and Fluid Mechanics, and every home and business in the U.S. consist of all or part of the HVAC/R systems within its structure, therefore, providing a rewarding and sustainable career choice for anyone interested in this prominent and indispensable Industry.

The HVAC/R Technology Program at North Arkansas College is a three-semester program that provides student training through class lecture, extensive hands-on lab training within our two HVAC/R labs and computer labs, through local internships, and through field service and installation work of HVAC/R equipment.

The HVAC/R Technology Program at North Arkansas College prepares the students for careers in the service, maintenance, and installation of Residential, Commercial HVAC/R, and Light Commercial Refrigeration. Additionally, students will prepare to take the NATE “Core” Exam, the ICE Certification Exam, and the EPA Certification Exam. Students will also be required to participate in the HVAC/R Internship program and completion of their Student Portfolio Project.

Technology in the HVAC/R Industry is rapidly changing, and the HVAC/R Technology Program is right there with that change providing students access to that newest technology. That access includes the latest in smart tool diagnostics and commissioning, the newest technologies used in HVAC/R equipment and automation, and the latest in high-tech ways of providing additional training through Virtual Reality (VR) systems.

Paying for College

Northark is affordable! We offer nearly $500,000 annually through institutional and foundation scholarships in addition to federal and state aid. See our scholarships and other financial aid programs.

Transfer or Stackable Options

The certificate may be used as one of the technical disciplines required for the Associate of Applied Science in General Technology.

Faculty Contact

Jeff Smith
HVAC Instructor
(870) 391-3382

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn about proper safety in the HVAC/R Industry.
  • Students will learn about gas, oil, electric, and hydronic heating systems along with air to air and ground source heat pumps. Students will learn how to service, install, and maintain these systems and how to correctly size gas line distribution systems for a residential structure, size proper combustion openings and vent pipe sizing for gas furnaces, etc.
  • Students will learn about air conditioning and refrigeration, refrigerants, refrigerant retrofitting, flammable refrigerants, and the EPA. Students will learn how to service, install, and maintain these systems and how to correctly charge, check airflow, and system operations through various methods, etc.
  • Students will learn how to size and fabricate ductwork, perform residential load calculations using computer software, interpret building and ductwork blueprints, along with understanding and interpreting the Arkansas Mechanical Code, etc.
  • Students will learn about building automation and installation, electrical components and control wiring, various types of motors and their application, and HVAC/R science and history, etc.
  • Students will learn how to braze and solder copper and aluminum tubing, flare and swage copper tubing; cut, ream, and thread black pipe, etc.
  • Students will learn how to electrical solder and create proper electrical connections, learn how to properly make PVC connections, how to fuse geothermal pipe and fittings together, etc.