Outdoor Power Equipment

Outdoor Power Equipment

student working on utility vehicle

Program Duration

1 year (Two Semesters)

Program Type

Technical Certificate

Median North Arkansas Salary

Career and Wage Information

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Why Choose This Program

Outdoor power and recreational equipment is popular in this area, and students get to work with unique equipment like ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, lawnmowers and more.


About The Program

The power sports industry, involving ATVs and UTVs, and turf equipment management are rapidly-growing fields. When something breaks, it needs to be fixed right. Local employers have expressed a need for mechanics with specific skills in turf equipment, small engine repair and outdoor power equipment to maintain and repair professional, commercial and recreational equipment.

Students can be trained and ready for a job in this industry in less than a year.

The technical certificate in Outdoor Power Equipment is a two-semester program that provides students with skills necessary for a variety of jobs in the outdoor equipment and small engine career field. The program provides entry level knowledge and skills to set up, operate, and maintain outdoor equipment and technologies commonly used in the industry, including but not limited to mowing equipment, spraying equipment, small engines, ATV’s, and UTV’s. The 31-credit hour program of study provides students with a technical certificate credential and preparation for future employment in this high-demand field.

Transfer or Stackable Options

The credit hours earned in this two-semester technical certificate can be put toward a 60-credit hour Associate of Applied Science in General Technology.

Faculty Contact

Anthony Ambrosio
Outdoor Power Equipment Instructor

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate concepts and apply practices to ensure a safe work environment.
  • Identify and properly use correct materials for repair and replacement options used in power equipment.
  • Describe the components, operation, and common service needs of outdoor power equipment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and work among a diverse team of members to produce desired results.