Associate of General Studies

Associate of General Studies

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The Associate of General Studies degree is for the student who plans to transfer to a four-year institution, but wants to take lower division courses outside of General Education. The student must demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge against specified performance standards in at least one specific area or discipline.  Students completing this degree should meet the lower division requirements in General Education but will not be guaranteed transfer as a college junior. Students planning to transfer should work closely with a North Arkansas College advisor to follow the prescribed selection of courses and other requirements, needed for transfer into a bachelor’s program.

The Certificate of General Studies is a one-year certificate which:

  • Provides recognition of the completion of a body of knowledge in general education;
  • Serves as an intermediate step toward an Associate of Arts Degree; and/or recognizes as a “completer,” a student who has successfully completed a significant number of courses in general education but does not intend to complete an Associate of Arts Degree;
  • Establishes a measurable means of documenting student mastery of many of the competencies identified in the SCANS report (Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills, 1991).


Courses and RequirementsAssociate of General Studies Academic Plan

General Studies Certificate Academic Plan


Learning Outcomes

  • Apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills across disciplines
  • Apply life skills in areas such as teamwork, interpersonal relationships, ethics, and study habits
  • Communicate clearly in written and oral formats
  • Use technology appropriate for learning
  • Discuss issues of a diverse global society
  • Demonstrate math and/or statistical skills