Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Northark TRIO student Tammy Smith

When I first started this college endeavor, I must admit I was very nervous and a little scared. But with the help of TRIO, they have made it an enjoyable and rewardable experience. They have helped me in so many ways like course advising, helping me with my financial needs in the form of the “gift box” as I call it full of useful items. There is always someone to help me in just about anything I might need or have questions about. 

- Tammy Smith

TRIO-Student Support Services (TRIO-SSS) is a federally-funded student success program that works. Nationally and at Northark, TRIO-SSS participants consistently accomplish their educational goals at higher rates than non-participants.

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TRIO-SSS participants get these services and more:

  • Advising including information about majors, course selection and career counseling
  • Tutoring, both face to face and online
  • Scholarships totaling $5,000 awarded each spring to two or three outstanding TRIO-SSS participants
  • Eligibility to apply for state and regional TRIO scholarships
  • Transfer assistance
  • Financial aid information and application assistance
  • Personal finance and college funding training
  • Equipment lending
  • Free on-campus printing
  • Student activity group with leadership and service opportunities
  • Workshops, several with lunch served
  • Trips to university campuses and cultural attractions
  • Textbook lending library supported by the TRIO-SSS student activity group
  • Mentoring



About 75% of Northark students potentially qualify for TRIO-SSS, but the project limited to serving only 200 participants.

You are eligible for TRIO-SSS if AT LEAST ONE of these things is true:

  • Neither of your parents received a bachelor’s degree before you were 18
  • OR you have a documented disability
  • OR you have a low income, according to the federal definition of a low income

TRIO Current Year Low-Income Levels

Size of Family Unit48 Contiguous States, D.C., Outlying Jurisdictions
1Maximum income - $19,320
2Maximum income - $26,130
3Maximum income - $32,940
4Maximum income - $39,750
5Maximum income - $46,560
5Maximum income - $53,370
7Maximum income - $60,180
8Maximum income - $66,990

For family units with more than eight members, add the following amount for each additional family member: $6,810 for the 48 contiguous states.

And ALL of these things are true:

  • You are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • AND you are majoring in any AA, AS, AGS, or AAS degree plan
  • AND you have an academic need:
    • Test scores below ACT recommended levels
    • Been out of school for 5 years or more
    • Low high school or previous college grades
    • Received a GED
    • Need to raise grades for program acceptance or transfer
    • History of withdrawals and/or repeated courses
    • Other predictive indicators


How Do You Become One of the TRIO-SSS 200 Participants

Fill out a TRIO-SSS application (to receive an application, visit the TRIO-SSS office in M185), call 870-391-3314, email, or ask any Northark advisor). After that, just watch your Northark email for a notification from us.

TRIO-Student Support Services is funded by a grant to North Arkansas College from the U.S. Department of Education in the amount of $334,745 annually through August 31, 2022.