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Are you a parent? Want to complete the Certified Nursing Courses for FREE? CPI can pay for your tuition, scrubs, gas to class, and more.

Career Pathways changes lives. We can help you get your GED, go to college and get career training. The program is designed to help you overcome barriers that may have kept you from getting the training and education you need. Career Pathways offers:

  • Tuition assistance
  • Child Care
  • Transportation
  • Career advising
  • Job search after training

Career Pathways also will provide academic and personal advising, remediation in preparation for college entrance exams, tutoring, access to a computer lab, referrals to outside assistance agencies and coordination with other North Arkansas College assistance programs.

Approximately 80 percent of students enrolled in Career Pathways who successfully complete a certificate or degree remain employed in their chosen field after two years. Additionally, the number of successful students who no longer rely on governmental assistance and entitlements continues to grow each year.


Eligibility and ApplicationTo be eligible, you must be an adult caretaker, parent, or relative, of a child under the age of 21 living in the home, and meet the income guidelines at or below 250 percent of the federal poverty limit (example: family of four - maximum income is $65,500). For households with more than 8 people, add $4,480 for each additional person.

Number in HouseholdAnnual Salary
2Maximum income - $43,550
3Maximum income - $54,900
4Maximum income - $66,250
5Maximum income - $77,600
6Maximum income - $88,950
7Maximum income - $100,300
8Maximum income - $111,650

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Applying for Career Pathways is easy. Fill out our online form to see if you qualify.



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North Arkansas College is a participating college in the Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative (CPI).