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Military Friendly School 2021-22 badgeNorth Arkansas College is approved by the Arkansas State Approving Agency to provide education and training to Service Members of the United States of America Armed Forces and Veterans that have earned an education benefit. Military Education Benefits include Tuition Assistance, the Montgomery GI Bill® (chapters 30 & 1606), Post 9/11 GI Bill® (chapter 33), Survivors and Dependents Assistance (chapter 35), and VA Vocational Readiness and Employment (chapter 31).  Northark’s VA School Certifying Official (SCO) for military education benefits is located in the Advising Center on the South Campus of North Arkansas College.  The SCO will certify to the VA the service member’s approved degree or certificate and will also certify that the veteran is taking courses within the approved degree plan each semester. 


The Northark VA School Certifying Official may be contacted by calling 870.391.3223.  All service members and/or dependents can contact the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Muskogee, Ok for information regarding their qualifications for these programs by calling 1.888.442.4551 or visit


Important Steps for Veterans and Dependents

  • Apply online at the VA website for educational benefits,, the VA will then provide you with a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) that is to be provided to the School Certifying Official.
  • Complete the Northark Admissions requirements, enroll into classes, and apply for Federal and State financial aid,
  • Complete the Northark VA Intake Form.
  • Complete the Certification Request Form each semester to receive the VA educational benefit.
    • VA students must be working toward a degree/certificate that has been approved by the VA and must be following the curriculum as outlined for their degree plan in the catalog, other courses cannot be certified.
    • VA will not pay for non-required repeat of classes; if North Arkansas College requires you to repeat the course in order to receive credit towards your degree, then VA will consider that required repeat and the course will be applied towards the hours required for you to receive benefits.
    • Your benefit will be paid according to your rate of pursuit, 12 credit hours within a normal length (16 weeks) semester is considered full time or 100% rate of pursuit.
  • VA students are responsible to notify the VA School Certifying Official of any changes via the Change of Certification Form in their semester status (i.e. add/drop classes, withdraw from school, graduation, change major).
  • Regular attendance of all classes is a requirement for VA payments. If you stop attending a class, VA will be notified and you may be required to pay back benefits.
  • Enrollment verification must be made at the end of each month if the veteran is receiving chapter 30 or 1606 benefits, or are pursuing a certificate. Enrollment verification may be made by calling 1.877.823.2378 or online through W.A.V.E,


Important Steps for Federal Tuition Assistance (Active Duty Service)

  • Initiate Tuition Assistance (TA) authorization form your Educational Service Officer (ESO) or counselor within your military service prior to enrolling into college.
  • Apply for TA based upon the specific process of your military branch.

Each military service branch and component has their own criteria for Tuition Assistance eligibility, military service obligation, application process and restrictions. For more information, review your military service website for details on your eligibility and the process for requesting assistance.

° Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard  

° Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard

° Coast Guard

° Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve

° Navy, Navy Reserve


  • Complete the North Arkansas College admissions requirements.
  • Enroll into a program of study and get a class schedule through an appointment in the Advising Center at Northark. 
  • Apply for the Pell Grant by using the FAFSA form
  • Submit your TA request with degree program and class schedule through your respective branch portal. 
  • Submit your TA authorization to Northark Student Accounts to be processed with established procedures.             

° The Student Accounts office will apply your tuition coverage to your account in the amount of the TA authorization. You are responsible for payment of fees and any remaining tuition balance.


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

888-GIBILL-1         (888) 442-4551


Ask a question   (


Regional Process Office
P.O. Box 8888
Muskogee, OK

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at