Turf Management
AAS = Associate of Applied Science | 2 years

Turf Management AAS = Associate of Applied Science | 2 years

Students have the opportunity to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree in Turf Management in a two-year program or a Technical Certificate in Turf Management in a one-year program. The degree has an agricultural foundation but includes business and technical courses that are important to the turf industry.

This program prepares graduates for a career in the turf management industry in sports, municipal or residential settings. Studies include the science of managing turf grass, including horticulture, pest control, proper irrigation techniques and weed management; the business of managing turf grass, including inventory control, and communication; and basic maintenance of turf grass equipment. Students will complete an internship and/or work at a turf facility as part of the program.  Northark, in conjunction with several regional employers and the Department of Labor’s Office of Skills Development (OSD), offers one of the only Turfgrass Apprenticeship education programs in the country. Turfgrass apprentices are able to complete the AAS degree in as little as two years in an “earn while you learn” program that offers 4,000 hours of on-the-job-training combined with at least 288 hours of related technical instruction. Turfgrass management students are not required to enter the apprenticeship program to complete the AAS degree, but those interested in exploring turfgrass apprenticeships should communicate that with your advisor.

The turf management degree can lead to careers as golf course superintendents, athletic field managers, parks managers, grounds managers, professional tree trimmers or industry sales. 

Offered On Campus
Not Offered Online

Transfer or Stackable Options

The program is designed to lead the student directly to employment in a turf management-related career.

Internships & Apprenticeships

North Arkansas College offers internships to students based on their major or course of study. These internships are designed to be learning experiences for our students as well as opportunities for our local industries and businesses to gain future employees through the academic work based learning process. Internships typically last for one semester while students are placed in work based learning positions while still attending classes at Northark or online. Below are some of the businesses offering internships for the turf management program.
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