Suggest a Class or Teach a Class

Suggest a Class

We are always looking for new class ideas and new subjects that will allow our students to explore, create, grow or discover. Do you have an idea for a new class? Send us an email and please include the following information:

  • Class idea
  • Why should we offer this class?
  • Would you like to suggest a teacher?
  • If so, please provide the name and phone number of the teacher.
  • May we contact you for more information?  If so, please provide your name, email address and phone number.

Teach a Class

Continuing and Community Education classes are taught for the community, by the community. We’re always looking for new, enthusiastic teachers. Do you have a special talent or skill, interest or hobby you would like to pass on?  Professional certification is not required – just experience with and passion for your subject and an ability to share it with others. To get started please complete the Non-Credit Course Proposal Form.  If we have an opening, we will contact you and request a cover letter, resume and detailed course proposal, and meet with you to evaluate how you might fit in our program.
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