EEO Policy


Act 2157 of 2005 of the Arkansas Regular Legislative Session requires that any business or person responding to a Request for Quotation (Bid) submit their most current Equal Employment Opportunity policy (EEO Policy).

Although bidders are encouraged to have a viable equal opportunity policy, a written response stating that the bidder does not have an EEO Policy will be considered that bidder’s response and will comply with the requirement of Act 2157.

Submitting your EEO Policy is a one-time requirement; however, vendors are responsible for providing updates or changes to their respective policies. The North Arkansas College Purchasing Department will maintain a file of the EEO Policies or written responses received from bidder.

This is a mandatory requirement when submitting a bid response. Failure to submit an EEO Policy or response may result in rejection of your bid.

If you have any questions, please call the Purchasing Department at 870 391-3290.
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