Future Man and Woman of Distinction Scholarship recipients announced
Posted Date: 6/8/23

Haylie Michelle Fry

Harrison’s Haylie Michelle Fry will receive the 2023 Future Woman of Distinction Scholarship on June 7th during the luncheon honoring this year’s Men and Women of Distinction A graduate of Valley Springs, she is attending Northark and is a Lady Pioneer on the women’s basketball team.

Haylie has provided leadership in many ways and leads by example. She always does the right thing even when no one is looking. Haylie is always studying and wanting to learn more. She worked hard on the basketball floor to set an example to freshmen on how hard they should work. She currently is juggling three jobs while attending college babysitting, Shelby’s Party House, and Devito’s restaurant.

Haylie has also made Harrison a better place to live. She volunteered at The Sharing Kitchen all summer before attending Northark. She also worked the basketball camps at Northark to teach the youth how to play basketball. The kids there loved Haylie and wanted to play basketball like her. Haylie has helped at the Special Olympics held at the Harrison High Football field. She helped set up races and boosted the athlete’s excitement for the competition. She has volunteered with Angel Tree. Angel Tree is an organization that gives gifts to the less fortunate. Haylie helped pick out the gifts and wrap them. Her generosity of giving her time has helped make Harrison a better place.

Throughout college, Haylie has helped inspire others. She does this by working hard and showing people that anything is possible if you want it bad enough. All her hard work at school has earned her all A’s and B’s while playing basketball and having jobs. She also has donated blood to the Red Cross at the Harrison Hospital. She has just been accepted into the RN Program at Northark. She has worked hard to get into the program and will have to keep working hard to afford the program. She will be sacrificing her summer by taking a summer class and working all summer. In high school, she was a part of Key Club and would go out and help the community often.

She sets a great example to other females young and old. Haylie has worked for and with the Harrison community her whole life. She works hard and quietly prevails through it all. Haylie Fry is a great member of the community, and everyone could learn a thing or two from her.

Michael “Orie” Owen

One student at Northark stands out as an outstanding citizen, friend, and mentor. Michael “Orie” Owen is this year’s Future Man of Distinction Scholarship awardee. scholarship. Orie is a full-time college student who also works 29 hours a week at Northark’s Learning Resource Center. He spends his time outside of class tutoring others and helping them achieve academic success.

He has the best attitude when it comes to helping others. Orie pays for his own rent and lives on his own while attending college. He will enter the RN program next year. While being at NAC for the last two years Orie has been a major leader on the men’s basketball team. Orie managed to be a great teammate on and off the floor, work hard in games and practices, and make a 4.0 all at the same time. Orie is a great role model for all of those around him. He is extremely kind and encouraging to everyone. He spends countless hours studying to improve his knowledge to better his education. When he puts his mind to something he doesn’t let anything stand in his way. While being at NAC, Orie has helped make the Harrison community a better place. He helped hang flowerpots around the square in Harrison and brought our small town back to life for Spring. Orie is also extremely kind and generous. He volunteered to work on the Angel Tree project for the last two years. He went shopping for two young kids and found the perfect Christmas gifts for them. He then wrapped them up and sent them on their way to make a little kid’s Christmas even better.

Orie is also a blood donor. Helping others is his mission. He never complains about helping others and he is the first to volunteer. Orie helped with the Northark basketball camp for kids K-4. He was an amazing role model for the children, coaching the kids while also showing them how to be kind to each other, work together, and overcome obstacles they face on the court. Orie always had a smile on his face and was a leader for each and every child. The little camp kids loved Coach Orie and truly admired him for not only his basketball skill, but also for his kindness to each of them. Orie was also a great encourager at the Special Olympics held here in Harrison Arkansas. He volunteered his time to help set up the track for this big day and cheered the athletes on during each of their races. He was kind and positive to each athlete he encountered. He is always thinking of ways to be helpful, and even when no one is looking he is still kind-hearted and hard working.

Orie Owen is a future man of distinction and makes a perfect candidate to receive this award.

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