Radiologic Technology Program Information

Institution Name: Northark
Program Type: Radiography
Degree Type: AAS

The following is the most current program effectiveness data. Our programmatic accreditation agency, the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT), defines and publishes this information. For more information, go to the JRCERT webpage link.
Credentialing Examination
The number of students who pass, on the first attempt, the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification examination, or an unrestricted state licensing examination, compared with the number of graduates who take the examination within six months of graduation. The five-year average benchmark established by the JRCERT is 75%.
Credentialing Examination Rate number pass on 1st attempt divided by number attempted within 6 months of graduation
Year Results
Year 1 - 2019 12 of 14 - 86%
Year 2 - 2020 13 of 14 -93%
Year 3 - 2021 10 of 14 - 71%
Year 4 - 2022 9 of 14 - 64%
Year 5 - 2023 11 of 12 - 92%
Program 5-Year Average 55 of 68 - 81%
Job Placement
The number of graduates employed in the radiologic sciences compared to the number of graduates actively seeking employment in the radiologic sciences within twelve months of graduating. The five-year average benchmark established by the JRCERT is 75%.
Job Placement Rate number employed divided by number actively seeking employment within 12 months of graduation
Year Results
Year 1 - 2019 14 of 14 - 100%
Year 2 - 2020 14 of 14 - 100%
Year 3 - 2021 14 of 14 - 100%
Year 4 - 2022 14 of 14 - 100%
Year 5 - 2023 17 or 17 - 100%
Program 5-Year Average 73 of 73 - 100%
Program Completion
The number of students who complete the program within the stated program length. The annual benchmark established by the program is 80%.
Program Completion Rate number graduated divided by number started the program
Year Results
Year - 2023 17 of 19
Annual Completion Rate 89%

In the event of a catastrophic event or pandemic in the state or the area, all Northark in-person classes may be transferred to an online and/or blended environment in order to keep students, faculty, and staff safe and healthy. Students will be notified of this change via email and/or text message within 72 hours if possible. It is important that students and faculty notify the department if contact information should change.  In the event of a power outage, communication will resume as soon as possible.

Instructors will also send messages to students via email and/or the learning management system detailing any changes to the class and the delivery method. In the event of this change, students will need to have reliable access to both the internet and a computer to complete the coursework. Should a student not have the needed equipment to complete online assignments, they should notify their instructor and visit the Learning Resource Center to familiarize themselves with the procedures in checking out needed equipment.

Course-Specific Contingencies

All classes will be virtual if the situation arises. Students will be required to attend online until classes resume at Northark.  All faculty will maintain FERPA in a virtual environment. Clinical will continue as scheduled if allowed. In the case that clinical sites are shut down due to a catastrophic event, students will attend clinical simulation online with the clinical coordinator. All clinical sites and instructors will be notified via email of this change. Additional instructions will be given as needed.

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