Tuition Refunds

Tuition Refunds

Upon official withdrawal from classes, North Arkansas College will refund according to the following schedule: 

Spring 2024
100% ends Jan. 12
75% ends Jan. 22
50% ends Jan. 29
0% after Jan. 29

Summer I 2024
100% ends May 21
75% ends May 22
50% ends May 23
0% after May 23

Summer II 2024
100% ends June 25
75% ends June 26
50% ends June 27
0% after June 27

Classes less than 16 weeks:
100% refund on 1st & 2nd day
75% refund on 3rd day
50% on the 4th day
0% after the 4th day

Direct deposit for student disbursements is now available. Please click on the Banking Information link from the myNorthark homepage. Please note: Receipt of a student disbursement depends upon a multitude of factors including, but not limited to: hours enrolled, class start dates, previously received student disbursements, date of financial aid award(s) including direct student loans, and date of receipt of payments.

Financial aid recipients should take note that dropping some/all classes may partially reduce or revoke financial aid and could result in a significant account balance due or, if financial aid residual has already been received, you may be responsible for some repayment.

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