Electronics Technology

Electronics Technology

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The Electronics Technology Technical Certificate is a milestone toward the AAS degree with an Emphasis in Electronics. It indicates the student has demonstrated proficiency in the basic electronics foundational courses and will be prepared to continue into the application and troubleshooting courses in the second year. 

The Electronics Technology Certificate of Proficiency is the first step toward the AAS degree with an Emphasis in Electronics. It includes courses that will introduce a student to electronic principles and instrumentation as well as some of the ways technology is used in manufacturing process.  


Courses and Requirements Electronics Technology Technical Certificate Academic Plan

Electronics Technology Certificate of Proficiency Academic Plan


Learning Outcomes
  • Enter the workforce and be gainfully employed.

  • Understand safe operation and repair of electrical and industrial equipment.

  • Interpret electrical and mechanical schematic diagrams.

  • Correctly use basic electrical measuring instruments and apply readings to troubleshoot equipment.

  • Perform basic repair operations and troubleshooting of electrical equipment. Including mechanical assembly, disassembly, and soldering of electrical circuits.

  • Demonstrate the basic knowledge of automation equipment such as PLC's and Robotics in an industrial or hospital setting.


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