Banking and Finance
AAS = Associate of Applied Science | 2 years

Banking and Finance AAS = Associate of Applied Science | 2 years
The Associate of Applied Science in Banking & Finance aims to provide students with a foundational understanding of key concepts in banking and finance. Students completing this program typically have a foundation that allows them to pursue entry-level roles in banking, financial services, or related fields.

Transfer or Stackable Options

This degree is designed to get students into a career upon graduation.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate a basic understanding of financial concepts, including time, value of money, financial markets, and investment principles.
Understand the basic functions of banking operations, including deposit and loan services.
Comprehend the regulatory framework that governs banking activities.
Understand the importance of customer service in financial institutions.
Demonstrate effective communication skills when interacting with clients.
Introduce the fundamentals of financial planning for individuals and small businesses..
Provide basic advice on budgeting and savings.
Familiarity with basic financial software and technology used in banking.
Understand how technology impacts financial services.
Develop an awareness of ethical considerations in financial transactions.
Understand basic legal principles relevant to the financial industry. 
Develop basic teamwork and collaboration skills in a financial context.
Understand the role of teamwork in achieving organizational goals.
Introduce students to the basics of the global financial environment.
Highlight the impact of global economic trends on financial markets.
Prepare students for entry-level positions in banking and finance.
Assist in resume building, job searching, and interview skills.

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