Nursing Assistant
CP = Certificate of Proficiency | 1 semester

Nursing Assistant CP = Certificate of Proficiency | 1 semester

The Northark Nurse Aide Training Program offers several different formats for students to be able to achieve certification as a CNA in Arkansas. We offer a semester long college course, a technical certificate course for high school or college students, a certificate of proficiency or a non-credit workforce course for those looking to make the transition to a new career. Enrolling in the CNA program is a good way for students to determine if they want to pursue a healthcare-related career and in what capacity.

*Unless sponsored by a long-term care facility, students will be responsible for their own state testing fees.

Transfer or Stackable Options

Upon completion of the certification, a graduate can enter the workforce as a CNA. A CNA certification is required for entry into the practical nursing program. The certification also provides a good foundation of classes for any of Northark’s health professions programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Promote a good understanding of ethics with emphasis on the need for confidentiality
  • Relate to and demonstrate understanding of changes which occur in the aging process and explain the causes of infections and prevention and containment.
  • Demonstrate competence of nursing assistant skills
  • Demonstrate skilled attitudes and behaviors which promote the healthy functioning of residents both physically and emotionally
  • Graduates of the Nursing Assistant program will be able to used effective interpersonal communication skills and apply ethical and legal concepts to the practice related to long term care

Licensure & Certification

Upon completion of Northark’s Nurse Aide Training Program, students will meet the requirements to test for certification as a Nursing Assistant in the state of Arkansas. There is both a written and a clinical component to the Arkansas state test and once both are successfully completed, the nurse aide becomes certified. We are unsure of certification requirements in other states as the nurse aide scope of practice varies from state to state. There are reciprocal agreements between states, the student would be responsible for ascertaining this information.

State Testing & Recertification

Sponsorships through a long-term facility or grant entity often include state testing fees. In all other cases, students are responsible for their states testing fees. Testing fees are determined by Headmasters TMU and are currently $125/student and cover both the written and skills tests. Testing fees are subject to change.

All CNA testing in the state of Arkansas is currently administered by TMU Headmasters and includes both a written and a skills test.

North Arkansas College serves as a testing site exclusive to students who graduate from our program. Testing must be scheduled by the individual student by creating and logging into their personal account at: and choosing a testing location and time. Students are not required to test at the facility where they received their instruction but often choose to do so due to lab familiarity.

You may reach Headmasters TMU toll free at #888-401-0465 for any questions regarding testing including scheduling, available testing dates and payment issues.

All current CNAs looking to renew their certification or students who have been previously certified and let their certification lapse, must contact TMU Headmasters at #888-401-0465. North Arkansas College has no role in recertification as these guidelines are determined by the Arkansas Office of Long-Term Care and/or their designee.

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