Construction Equipment Operation

Construction Equipment Operation

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The Construction Equipment Operation Certificate teaches students how to properly operate and maintain heavy equipment used to excavate and move earth as part of the construction industry. Students spend the majority of class time operating equipment on job sites located within Northark’s service area to develop the skills needed for success. The certificate can be used as one of the technical disciplines required for the AAS in General Technology and is frequently combined with the Certificate of Proficiency in Truck Driving to allow students to work for employers who required employees to hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Students use Northark’s heavy equipment including bulldozers, backhoes, excavator, an earth mover, grader, dump truck and semi-truck to work on projects in the community.

The Construction Equipment Operation Certificate of Proficiency
provides students with a credential preparing them for entry level positions in the construction industry after a semester of instruction and provides certification of basic operating skills to employers.

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Courses and Requirements Construction Equipment Operation Technical Certificate Academic Plan

Construction Equipment Operation Certificate of Proficiency Academic Plan


Learning Outcomes
  • Learn and understand the basic safety and operating procedures of the machines used in Heavy Equipment Operations.
  • Obtain the operating skills of a hirable heavy equipment operator, suitable for any jobsite.
  • Have the ability to use the instruments to read grade and make adjustments.
  • Know what materials to use and where to use them.
  • Successfully complete the NCCER Core Curriculum and Heavy Equipment Operations for NCCER credentials.


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