Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Laboratory Technology

student working with blood samples

Program Duration

2 years (Five Semesters)

Program Type

Associate of Applied Science

Median North Arkansas Salary

$37,240 (Career Information)

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Northark's online MLT program is ranked No. 2 in the nation by for its overall quality, affordability and commitment to student success.


About The Program

Application deadline is May 1

Medical laboratory technicians are critical to correctly diagnosing a patient. Every sample is different, and so are the results. Medical laboratory technicians can help solve mysteries by analyzing results. Approximately 70% of a physician’s medical decisions of any one patient are influenced by laboratory testing data. With continued growth in the medical profession, there is an increasing demand for highly skilled, well educated, and highly motivated professionals.  Approximately 5,000 lab personnel are graduating each year, but there are 12,000 needed annually.

Northark also offers an online Associate of Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology. Nearby clinical affiliates allow students to enjoy Northark's affordable tuition while taking MLT courses online.

The program is designed to prepare the student to take the American Society of Clinical Pathologist (ASCP) examination for medical laboratory technicians after graduation. This examination certifies the applicant as a registered medical laboratory technician, MLT (ASCP). MLT Clinical Affiliates include Baxter Regional Medical Center - Mountain Home, Cox Health Branson - Branson, Mo., Johnson County Medical Center - Clarksville, Mercy Hospital Berryville - Berryville, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center - Harrison, Ozark Health Medical Center - Clinton and Stone County Medical Center - Mountain View.

The Medical Laboratory Technology program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS), 5600 N. River Rd., Suite 720, Rosemont, IL  60018-5119. Phone: 773-714-8880 or at

Paying for College

Northark is affordable! We offer nearly $500,000 annually through institutional and foundation scholarships in addition to federal and state aid. See our scholarships and other financial aid programs.

Transfer or Stackable Options

Northark has an agreement with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) to allow students completing their MLT 2+2 degree plan to transfer to UAMS to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Faculty Contact

Sherry Gibbany
MLT Program Director
(870) 391-3288

Northark Medical Laboratory Technology student Eveline Marquez

"I realized that the MLT program is very important in the medical field because we are the people that are behind the scenes. We work with physicians and help diagnose what is wrong with the patient. We can provide accurate results to the physician so they can diagnose a patient and come up with the best course of treatment. I plan to be an MLT in the future. I may further my education and get a bachelor’s degree later."

- Eveline Marquez, MLT student

Learning Outcomes

  • Graduates of the MLT program will be able to demonstrate entry level proficiency and competency in collecting and processing specimens, performing analytical tests, recognize factors that affect procedures and results, monitor quality control and relate lab findings to common disease processes in the following areas:
    • Blood banking (immunohematology) – measured by program subscore on the ASCP registry exam
    • Urinalysis – measured by program subscore on the ASCP registry exam
    • Chemistry - measured by program subscore on the ASCP registry exam
    • Hematology - measured by program subscore on the ASCP registry exam
    • Immunology - measured by program subscore on the ASCP registry exam
    • Microbiology - measured by program subscore on the ASCP registry exam
  • MLT Program graduates will be able to demonstrate entry level competencies in laboratory operations by conducting preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment, demonstrating professional conduct and communication skills, interacting with other healthcare professionals, and demonstrating proficiency in laboratory math skills.
    • Laboratory operations – measured by program subscore on the ASCP registry exam.


Licensure and Certification

Students graduating from Northark’s MLT program meet the requirements to take the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) certification exam. Upon the successful completion of the ASCP exam, the student becomes Nationally certified. This is a National certification and not a state license. State licensure is required in several states but proof of diploma for completion of an MLT program and proof of National certification are all that the graduate needs to present. We are unsure of other specific licensure qualifications that some states may require. There are a few states (California, Florida and possibly New York) that specify more stringent requirements and it would be up to the student to look up the requirements for those states.